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Let So Darling show you some of the hottest in beauty this season


Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume


Exude glamour with the Monsoon Rose Gold perfume. The velvety rose fragrance with notes of musk and balsamic amber is perfect for summer










CACI Eye Revive Serum


The new wonder serum helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles and smooth skin texture around the eye area. Containing the wonder product hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract, this combination of ingredients helps to combat puffiness and discolouration. It also contains REGU-AGE, an ingredient that is proven to reduce dark circles by up to 35%, puffiness by up to 31% and an impressive improvement in skin texture by up to 42%











Starskin Magic Hour Exfoliating Double Layer Technology Foot Masks


Ensure feet are soft, smooth and summer ready with Starskin’s Magic Hour Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks, the innovative all-in-one feet exfoliating and nourishing treatment, which gently and effectively removes dead skin and calluses without any harsh scrubs or physical exfoliation.

Simply slip on these foot mask socks for 60 to 90 minutes and watch the magic unfold during the following 7-10 days. Dead skin and calluses will start to gradually peel away, unveiling smooth, baby soft feet


 Kerasilk Dry Shampoo
£18.oo each
Kerasilk introduces two new and innovative dry shampoo formulas to the existing Repower and Color ranges, inviting you to fall in love with your hair all over again. The introduction of these products is based on advanced technology in a new aerosol spray formula that interlinks two innovative powders. This light non-whitening formula is perfect for those with thin hair that’s easily affected by grease and dirt
Dove nourishing care shower oil £4.00
Dove nourishing care oil body wash £2.50
Dove launches its first nourishing shower oil as part of its new nourishing care oil range. Inspired by the beauty rituals of the Hammam in Morocco, this new shower oil is designed to gently cleanse and care for your skin, leaving it beautifully smooth after just one use, with proven 24 hour moisture to provide superior care and nourish skin

arbre d’or Eau De Parfum


Arbre d’ or  Eau de Parfum is a delicate perfume that has been created exclusively for Simply Argan.

A feminine and indulgent fragrance, which combines jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli to create a beautifully alluring fragrance to truly reflect the brand philosophy of purity, elegance and quality. arbre d’or, which translates as ‘tree of gold’, takes its name from the argan tree that creates Simply Argan’s signature Argan Oil, also known as liquid gold

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