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What’s Your Party Style?

Asks to over 1,000 women and the results? Channel Victoria Beckham, say no to streaky fake tan and of course, wear the perfect LBD!

In the lead up to the season of celebrations, asked 1,000 women what was their idea of the perfect night out. From favourite colour, cut and style, to how long it takes them to get ready – we were eager to share the results!

When it comes to choosing the colour, black reigned supreme as the most popular – with over 66% of women choosing the staple colour as their favourite over and above all others. Statements of how ‘glamorous’ and ‘sexy’ it makes them feel to wear an LBD when out on the town, and how it ‘always looks good’ (45%)

So with the colour dress decided on, the survey showed getting ready for a night out with friends must consist of a fresh manicure and a brilliant blow dry to complete the look. Over 85% of women stated they dress up for themselves and no one else! Being careful with fake tan also ranked high on the list of importance, with nearly 80% of the survey stating it’s the biggest fashion faux pas there is! Runners up however included that more women thought showing too much cleavage (37%) is worse than revealing too much leg (20%), whilst a huge 65% of women thought heels you can’t walk in is also incredibly unattractive!

When it comes to the price, 63% were happy to spend between £50-£150 on a new Bodycon style evening dress (19%), also claiming to pay out one-two times a year.

New dresses are clearly needed for the festive season with nearly half the survey of women claiming they attend up to 5 Christmas parties!

And the results for celebrity inspiration?  A quarter of women voted Victoria Beckham their most popular party girl style icon. X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini ranked second with 17% of the vote and catwalk queen Kate Moss received 10%.

Here are some gorgeous little black dresses to choose from!


The LBD Marilyn Lace Dress



The LBD Kate Dress in Black



The LBD Eva L Dress



LBD Embellished Collection Blair Dress


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