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What’s Your Fashion Personality in 2017?

In 2017, we are lucky to be living in an age where there is a style, outfit choice or item of clothing to perfectly suit our mood on a day to day basis. Some of the biggest fashion trends this year perfectly cater to the individual and match up to our personalities. Here are 5 of the biggest trends and what they say about you as a person…



The Bohemian:

If you’re mostly seen in floaty, floral clothing that gives off a real festival vibe, then you fall into the category of the bohemian. This means that you are a fun loving, easy breezy individual who loves to go out and have fun. You feel most at home in a floaty dress, muddy wellies and stood in a field listening to your favourite band play. Some of the biggest wardrobe staples for this season will be fringed jackets, floral floaty skirts and chunky jewellery. The bohemian look is one that can be pulled off by a select few, so if you’re feeling your look, then flaunt it!

The Tomboy:

The tomboy look has been given a revamp for 2017. Instead of being associated with masculinity and “boys”, the tomboy look is now all about the sporty and chilled out clothing styles. So you don’t like wearing heels… trainers are more comfortable anyway. The tomboy look can be achieved as easily as grabbing your favourite top from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. The tomboy style means that you’re extremely easy going, up for a laugh and in no way high maintenance. The tomboy is the perfect companion that is sure to make everybody laugh! If you want to achieve this look, then some of the biggest brands right now are Antony Morato, Nike and Blvck Clothing.

The Relaxed:

Dressing up is often something that’s left for the weekend, but what about those weekdays… or lazy days for that matter? People who have a more relaxed fashion sense tend to be (well you guessed it) relaxed, laid back, happy to chill and so on. Why bother making yourself uncomfortable for the sake of fashion, if you can pull off the “messy bun”, ripped jeans and baggy tee look with ease. The relaxed look is perfect for a cosy night in, a walk with the dog and catching up with friends. There’s a little bit of a relaxed personality in all of us, and sometimes we just have to embrace it!

The Romantic:

As a romantic, you value femininity and are most likely to be a hopeless romantic. Pleats, lace, pinks and peaches are your go-to wardrobe staples and fabrics like silks and chiffons make up you’re the majority of your wardrobe. The romantic style is perfect for the warmer months and sweet Summer days. Your personality perfectly matches your style, and all of your friends say how lovely you are – you are the friend that others confide in and ask for advice.

The Rocker:

You like to live life on the edge! The rocker is a cool and fun individual who is always up for doing something crazy and spontaneous. Grab your statement pieces and leather bomber jackets, paired with a band tee and you’re good to go! The rocker girl is a style that will never die! If you’re a little bit on the wild side, then this style is definitely for you!

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