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3 new ways to pair your shoes and handbags in 2018

Once upon a time, matching your shoes to a handbag of the same colour and fabric was the only way to go. But, the fashion rules have changed since then, and you can have a lot more fun with finding accessories that aren’t a perfect match, but that work together nonetheless.
Here, we’re going to talk you through just a few of the ways you can create cool and quirky combinations with your shoes and bags. Read on to find out more.

Opt for a colour clash

Instead of following the old colour co-ordination rules, we would recommend turning them on their head, and going for shoes and a handbag in a colour clashing combo.
There are so many combinations you can go for: pink and red are very on-trend, or you could go for an eye-catching pairing of orange and blue. Just make sure you go for bright and bold shades — you’re trying to make a statement!
If you aren’t sure which colours will clash in a good way, The Telegraph has a guide that can help. It does a great job of explaining what colours works together, and how you can make them work within an outfit.

Make a statement with your shoes OR your bag

When it comes to makeup, we all know that we’re only supposed to go for dramatic eyes or lips, but not both. The same can be said for statement shoes and bags.
If you’re wearing a particularly eye-catching bag — perhaps it’s embroidered or covered in sequins — pairing it with some neutral shoes like a nude pair of pumps can offer a great contrast. Or, if you’re wearing a show-stopping pair of heels in a metallic or bright coloured fabric, a simple bag will make the perfect pairing.

Over the last few seasons, Gucci has become the go-to designer for statement bags. They offer a huge range of women’s handbags, which they’re adding to all the time. From pink snake print styles to cross-body bags that are beautifully embellished, they have everything a handbag connoisseur could possible want.
Similarly, Terry de Havilland is a brand that’s known for its jaw-dropping shoes. Their wedge shoes and sandals have been given the seal of approval from fashion-forward stars such as Fearne Cotton and Anna Friel. Plus, they come in a variety of bright and metallic designs, so you’ll have no trouble finding a pair that complements your wardrobe perfectly.

Go with different shades of the same colour

If you don’t want to go too match-matchy, but aren’t quite confident enough to go with a colour clash, wearing two shades of the same colour could work perfectly. A pair of cobalt stilettos would work wonderfully with a powder-blue cross-body bag, or you could pair some baby-pink platforms with a fuchsia box bag. You’ll still look stylish without having to wander too far out of your comfort zone.

If you feel like your style could do with a shake up, finding new ways to pair your heels and handbags can be a great place to start. There are so many approaches you can take, from choosing clashing colours to making a statement with your footwear or your bag. Any of the options we’ve set out here are guaranteed to earn you some extra style points.

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