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Wave Good-Bye To Dry Hands


With the cold weather front setting in, our hands often feel the bitter sub zero temperatures first. The discomfort of dry, irritated hands can be unbearable! And I’m terrible at making sure I keep my hands moisturised.

BeautyPro launch the Hand Therapy collagen infused glove, an intensive hand treatment designed to fight the effects of the harsh winter elements, famous for wreaking havoc on our delicate hands.

The intensive BeautyPro hand treatment are a pair of single use gloves that deeply penetrate the skin leaving hands feeling soft, nourished and replenished. BeautyPro have also included removable tips for an easy manicure upgrade or so you can simply continue your daily activities without cutting into your precious time.




My hands looking rough! The knuckles in particular, highlight the dryness


The gloves working their magic in just 20 minutes


The fingertips can be removed, should you need or want to carry on with tasks


After 20 minutes, the results speak for themselves. As highlighted previously, my knuckles were very dry. The look and feel instantly improved, and continued to do so days later.



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