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Top 5 Romantic Movies




The Wedding Singer

Robbie, a wedding singer, is starting to realize that he has found the true love of his life after being jilted at the altar by his materialistic former fiancé. Robbie meets Julia, a waitress at one of the weddings that he is singing at and instantly they form a connection. The only problem is, when they first meet, they are both engaged to other people. After being jilted, Robbie’s love for Julia begins to blossom but does she feel the same? This is a brilliant 80s Rom Com full of raunchiness, occasional drunk and disorderly situations abound and expletives






Practical Magic

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be a witch; to simply have the ability to cast out every negative characteristic of your dream man and then have him walk right into your life? Well that’s exactly what happens to Sally. Sally and Gillian Owens are two sisters who are witches and have the deepest bond that sisters share but couldn’t be more different in their personalities and outlook to life. The Owens sisters are under a curse, any man with who they fall in love is doomed. So will this get in the way of Sally and her new dream man? This is a splendid story of love, adventure and most of all magic. A perfect movie to watch for Valentines








The Notebook

Based on the Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, Noah, is a poor but wistful man who meets Allie, a wealthy and audacious woman at a fun fair one night. They fall in love but are soon separated against their will by social differences. Years later, fate brings them back together and they try to make their summer love transition into a life long commitment. This is by far one of the best Romantic movies of all time and is definitely a must see!


Notting Hill

William “Will” Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns an independent travel bookshop in Notting Hill. He is divorced and shares his house with an eccentric, uninhibited Welshman named Spike (Rhys Ifans). Will encounters Hollywood superstar Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) when she enters his shop to buy a book. Minutes later, they collide in the street and his orange juice spills on her clothes. Will offers his house nearby for Anna to change. Before leaving, she impulsively kisses him. From then on, A Romance begins to Blossom but will the fame of Anna get in the way of a incredible romance? This film is a great movie for Valentine’s day, where two worlds become one








Ghost is a romantic fantasy thriller and is an all time favourite classic film that most people can appreciate. The plot centre’s on a young woman in jeopardy (Moore), the ghost of her murdered lover (Swayze), and a reluctant psychic (Goldberg) who assists him in saving her although the psychic had previously been faking her powers. Ghost has elements of both horror and humour but what makes this film so great is the fact that it shows that true love continues to grow even in the afterlife

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