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Ugly feet, pretty face?

Killer heels can come at a price, even for celebrities….


Does my bunion look big in this?

Foot woe:

Victoria Beckham has lived up to her reputation of sporting high heels, whatever the occasion. It’s no surprise then, that Victoria Beckham suffers the bane of the bunions!

What the expert says:

Dave Wain, Carnation Footcare podiatrist says,

“A bunion is an inflamed fluid sac (bursa) that forms on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. The joint protrudes because one toe is bent away at an angle, pushing the other toes and causing them to bend unnaturally too. Shoes with a pointy toe can be one of the major causes of bunions and developing them is often hereditary too.”



The best heel height, Wain notes, is a “one-and-a-half inch heel”, but there’s little chance of Posh striding to Brooklyn’s football matches in anything less than 5 inches. So, if you share Posh’s passion for fashion, investing in some specifically designed footcare products can help take the pressure of painful bunions and stop them worsening.

To help relieve pressure in your shoes, try Carnation Bunion Pads, £1.73 available from, or, if the pain is chronic, use long-lasting and reusable Carnation Gel Bunion Protectors, £5.20 available from, that will also help soothe the area









Claw yourself together

Foot Woe:

Kate Moss is known for her partying antics, and her feet have paid the price! Pointy toes and humungous heels appear to be one of Moss’ favourites, even if they are a size too small! Like many of us, Moss is guilty of inflicting significant trauma on her toes at one time or another.

What the expert says:

Wain explains why women are prone to problems, “Forcing your toes into shoes which are too small, or a style that does not have a wide enough toe box in which to comfortably fit our toes, takes its toll over time. If too much pressure is applied to the toes it can cause them to grasp for the floor and, eventually, the formation of claw shaped toes. Many women come to a podiatrist as they are very concerned about this issue and how they can help rectify the problem.”



Carnation Footcare Toe Support is at the rescue!

It’s flexible gel support is simply placed underneath the toes and held in place by looping the handy gel toe loop over the second toe. The Toe Support will fit comfortably in any shoe, and works to relieve pressure on toes, which are curled or clawed by raising and helping to realign them. The Carnation Footcare Toe Support is cost reusable and can simply be washed in warm soapy water before being used again. Available from and independent pharmacies, priced at £3.15









Don’t crack under pressure

Foot woe:

Holly Madison looks as though her feet could do with TLC, showcasing her cracked soles! Ensuring your feet look their best for any eventuality is especially important when wearing skin-baring, strappy shoes.

What the expert says:

Wain, says, “Cracked heels is a common condition, consisting of cracks and fissures of the skin around the heel. For most people it is a nuisance and can look cosmetically unattractive, if unattended however it can develop in to a more serious problem.”



“The condition can be easily remedied with Carnation’s Cracked Heel Cream, which rehydrates and rejuvenates feet.  The use of a shock-absorbing heel pad and avoidance of open-backed shoes will also help.”

For silky smooth soles use Carnation Cracked Heel Cream, available from and independent pharmacies, priced at£3.20.


They aren’t stilettos, they’re cornettos!

Foot woe:

Halle Berry is another celebrity who appears to be willing to squeeze her feet into shoes, in the name of fashion. This intense pressure can create corns, which usually form on the tops, sides and tips of toes.  They are areas of thickened skin, containing a cone-shaped core that can press on a nerve, resulting in extreme pain.

What the expert says:

Wain explains, “Corns are the most common of foot problems and can strike at any time, but many people develop corns from ill-fitting shoes or hosiery that forces toes to cram together, causing abnormal pressure and friction. Corns can make the simplest of activities, such as walking, a painful experience.”



“For most corn sufferers* an over-the-counter product like Carnation Corn Caps is extremely effective for corn removal and is easy to use at home.”

The unique paste in Carnation Corn Caps works by loosening the “cement” holding the hardened skin together and loosening the nucleus, to allow for clean removal. The soft felt corn ring also helps it relieve pressure from the corn.

Carnation Corn Caps are available from and independent pharmacies, priced at £2.39

* Note: Not to be used by diabetics or those people with circulatory disorders.  Those worried about their feet should always take advice from their pharmacist, GP or chiropodist.  Always read the pack label before use

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