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Applying makeup is a daily chore for many women, whether it’s a little here and there or a full face. What many women don’t realise is that there are a number of hacks they can utilise to maximise their makeup, whether that’s making it last longer, bringing products back to life or even tips for when you don’t have the products you need to hand…

Stop your lipstick smudging like a pro

Once you’ve applied and blotted your lipstick, place a layer of tissue over your lips and sweep a small amount of setting powder or translucent powder across. Doing this will draw out any excess moisture in your lipstick, preventing it from it smudging. Tracing the outline of your lips will further ensure your lipstick won’t budge, whilst also allowing you to create sharp lines you may not be able to create with your lipstick.




Make your eyeshadow pop

If you’re finding that your eyeshadow dulls or darkens a little once you’ve applied it, and want the wow colour that shows in the palette, colour in your eyelid with a white eyeliner before applying your eye shadow.






Hide dark circles and look more awake

If you’re struggling with dark circles underneath your eyes, or are running on little sleep, instead of dotting your concealer below your eye dot out a triangle, with the point reaching down to your cheek. This will brighten up your whole face and ensure the whole dark area is covered. You can also line your lower lid with a white eyeliner pencil which will instantly brighten your eyes and make them look wider.




Warm your eyelash curlers for longer lasting curls

Pop them in your bra or under your leg for a few minutes whilst you’re getting yourself ready, or use your hairdryer if you’re in a hurry. Warm curlers will give a much more dramatic, longer lasting curl.





Wearing false eyelashes with glasses

Curling your false eyelashes will not only create a more dramatic lash look, it will also lift them away from your glasses ensuring they’re not rubbing all day long. If they’re particularly long, you can also trim them ever so slightly if they’re still an issue.





Emergency DIY false eyelashes

If you’re planning a big night out, but can’t find your false eyelashes or don’t have any to hand, you can use talcum powder. After applying one layer of mascara, use a cotton bud to dust on a layer of talcum powder, creating a base for the additional layers. Apply two or three layers once the talcum powder has had a second to settle to create longer, thicker looking lashes.




Bring dried-out mascara back to life

Instead of throwing away a mascara that’s dried up before you’ve managed to use it all, add a few drops of saline solution into the tube and give it a small shake. This will liquify your mascara once again and give you a few more applications.



Use Vaseline for perfectly painted nails

There aren’t many who can say they’ve mastered painting their own nails, at least on one hand, without getting nail polish on their fingers. You can purchase liquid latex to paint onto the skin around your nails, which can then be peeled off, but Vaseline also does the trick – simply get a cotton bud and dab it on the skin around the nail. Just be sure not to get the Vaseline on your nails as your polish won’t set.




Keep your perfume scent for longer

Speaking of Vaseline, rub a thin layer of it on your pulse points before spraying your perfume. Normal skin doesn’t hold perfume well as it becomes dehydrated, but the Vaseline will keep your skin hydrated, holding the scent. Also be sure not to dab your perfume once you’ve sprayed it as you’ll only be rubbing it off.


Thank you to Chloe Rowlands, Beauty Expert at for the amazing tips!

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