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One in three people believe summer is the season of proposals… But how can you do things differently?

● New survey reveals that more than one in three people believe that summer is the best time of year to ask someone to marry you, but has the beach proposal become too cliché?

● There was some disagreement between the sexes, with men choosing summer whilst women opted for spring.

● 72% of men wouldn’t ask their partner’s parents for permission before proposing.

● 39% of women would rather choose their own engagement ring – which takes away the element of surprise.

● William May’s new guide covers everything hopeful proposers need to know about popping the question.

Research conducted by vintage jewellery specialists William May has found that more than one in three people in the UK believe that the best time of year to pop the question is summer.


When you split the results up by gender, men proved to be more in favour of summer proposals, with 36% selecting this season. Women also preferred the milder months, with 34% choosing spring as their best season for a proposal, with summer coming in a close second.

The research also showed that 72% of men wouldn’t ask for the blessing of their partner’s parents before proposing, which suggests that certain long-held traditions are being ignored in favour of a more modern approach.

Although the element of surprise arguably makes a proposal truly special, William May found that 39% of women would prefer to choose their own ring, which means they will be expecting the all-important question before it happens.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or someone who likes to do things differently, William May has put together an Ultimate Guide to Popping the Question, covering everything a proposer needs to know. The all-encompassing guide includes some alternative ideas to proposing in summer, some dos and don’ts to consider for the perfect moment, and some tips for the more practical side of things.


Nick Withington, Managing Director of William May, said the new survey shows that while summer proposals are popular, it’s clear that people are moving away from tradition and want to do things differently. This makes it even more important to be creative.

“You only get to propose to your partner once, so why not plan something unique and spectacular? However romantic a beach proposal at sunset sounds, some would regard it as a bit cliché,” he commented.

“With 39% of women preferring to choose their own ring, it shows that the element of surprise isn’t necessarily important to everyone any more. Whether it’s going to be a surprise or not, there’s a real art to picking the right moment to make a marriage proposal. We wanted to create a guide that called on the experiences of others who have made perfect proposals so that others can take inspiration from them this summer.”

Here’s a taster of a few points covered in the guide…


How to pull off the perfect summer proposal

Plan a holiday surprise

Just because it’s the summer and you’re jetting off to a special location somewhere around the globe doesn’t automatically mean your other half will know you’re about to pop the question. If you are planning on a holiday, treat it like any other trip and keep the ring well out of sight (more on this later!) If you must tell people, make sure they can keep the secret


Avoid the cliché and think outside the box

Summer is the optimum time for proposal clichés. From a sunset beach to hiding the ring in a dessert; but these aren’t your only options for a summer proposal! Think beyond the norm and how you can turn an ordinary holiday into a time they’ll remember forever.

Tiffany Norris, proposal expert from The One Romance, gave her biggest piece of advice when planning a proposal: let your imagination run wild to create something truly unique.

“The one thing we live by is that ‘every relationship is different, so every proposal should be too’. Therefore, if you are thinking of proposing make sure you tailor it to your partner. Think about your partner and the memories you have together. It shows you have really thought about your partner and what they love, and then have incorporated it into the most important moment of your lives.”


How to get a ring through the airport

The last thing you need is for an airport guard to accidentally reveal the ring when you go through security. This guide gives you a few top tips on keeping everything tightly under wraps as you travel, including packing it safely and even a warning note to airport staff

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