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The Best Kitchen Appliances for a Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas means parties, family get-togethers, festive brunches…This is truly a magical time of year for the keen amateur chef, a time to bring out the punchiest spices, the silliest cookie-cutters and the most decadent ingredients. Of course, this can get rather chaotic, which is why we love time-saving kitchen gadgets which help you enjoy cooking festive feasts as much as you enjoy eating them!

1. A large, heavy-duty toaster

If you live with other people, whether in student digs or a family home, your toaster probably sees a lot of action, especially around Christmas. Everyone’s in the mood for hot breakfasts and buttered crumpets – not to mention Boxing Day and New Year’s brunches – and your budget 2-slice toaster just can’t keep up with demand. Rather than putting bread under the grill (and praying it doesn’t burn!), a 6-slice or 8-slice toaster lets you make enough hot toasts for everyone. It’s also a great solution for making large amounts of canapés. And this is a gadget that stays useful all year round!







2. A vegetable slicer

When you’re rushing around the kitchen, it’s so easily done: just one slip with the knife, and then you’re holding your finger in cotton wool while your guests finish chopping the carrots for you. And even though it’s nice to see those guys pull their weight for once, there’s definitely a better solution. An automatic vegetable slicer chops your fruit and veg quickly and easily without the danger of KFC (Knife-related Finger Casualties). There are loads of different slicers and attachments so whether you’re making a salad, an apple pie or French fries, your slicer will be your best friend. And it’s perfect for the hottest food trends like zoodles (zucchini/courgette noodles) or bibimbap.





3. Bain-maries and chafing dishes

Keeping food warm at a party or buffet-style dinner is tough without the right equipment. If you keep reheating the food it dries out, goes mushy and can even become a fertile breeding-ground for bacteria. But you want to be out there with your guests rather than stuck in the kitchen. That’s why a smart-looking bain-marie or a chafing dish is such a worthwhile buy. As a hygienic way to keep food warm, these gadgets are perfect for anything from lasagne to turkey legs.







4. A professional meat-grinder

Who knows what scraps go into that pre-packaged mincemeat? Actually, we’d prefer not to know. We love fresh mince made from cuts you buy yourself from your trusted butcher or meat counter. Quick, fully automatic and so easy to use, a meat grinder is one of those gadgets that you won’t be able to do without once you have one. Grind up your own blends with custom herbs and spices, and even add in rarer meats like venison or wild boar for a truly special flavour. This year, for your Christmas stuffing and meatball appetisers, make your own mince and see for yourself how fantastic it tastes!







5. A mulled wine warmer

What, honestly, would be the point of winter without mulled wine?! There is a reason why almost every country in Europe has their own version of this festive drink. And yet, what is more annoying than keeping it on the stove in a saucepan for hours, constantly having to check it? Mulled wine warmers make the whole process completely stress-free. Just mix up your favourite blend in the urn, and it’ll be automatically kept at the perfect temperature! Ideal for other wintertime drinks like hot cider or alcohol-free punch, don’t be without a mulled wine warmer to make sure you and your guests can toast this season of food, family and friendship.





Even the keenest cooks love appliances which take care of the effortful, boring tasks, so they can spend more time being creative and building fantastic flavours. With just one or two quality gadgets added to your kitchen arsenal, you’ll find that this Christmas is even merrier than usual.

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