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Super charge your cuppa with new Tetley Super Fruits

Known for its health boosting benefits, the trend for fruit and herbal is ever growing in the UK with 34% of people drinking fruit and herbal tea 1 . 27% of tea drinkers are opting for fruit and herbal teas for health benefits in contrast to 1% choosing black tea for health.

Tetley is introducing its exciting new Tetley Super Fruits – helping you combat tiredness and support your own immune system by leading the way in fruit tea innovation.

The new range is available in two naturally delicious, caffeine-free varieties, Tetley Super Fruits Immune, with added Vitamin C, and Tetley Super Fruits Tea Boost, with added Vitamin B6. These fruit teas are supported by European Food Standards Agency-approved health claims, offering the nation the benefit of added vitamin goodness during the much-loved tea break.

Tetley Super Fruits Immune’s added Vitamin C will help protect and keep your cells healthy. Each cup provides more than 17% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake for an adult, essential for healthy cell function and the maintenance of healthy tissue.

Available in soothing Lemon & Ginger and uplifting Peach & Orange flavours, supporting your immune system this summer is now as easy as putting the kettle on.

Tired of feeling like a sloth? Tetley Super Fruits Boost is perfect for a sluggish morning or busy afternoon in the office as it’s packed full of Vitamin B6 to help the body use and store energy, 26% of RDA per serving. Available in fruity Blueberry & Raspberry and zesty Cranberry & Elderberry flavours, Tetley Super Fruits Boost offers a helping hand whenever things need kicking up a gear. As someone who is not a huge fan of herbal teas, I have to say trying out the Super Fruits Boost was quite simply delicious! The combination of a herbal tea with added vitamins usually mean a medicated taste, but I can honestly say it was like drinking a glass of delicious fruity cordial!

Tetley’s new Super Fruits Immune and Super Fruits online in August at £1.59 for 20 bags



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