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It’s not everyday you get an invitation to be part of a sensory adventure, where you will get to sample an exclusive menu at a top exclusive restaurant and sample French sirops, oh and it all takes place in Paris!



I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive bespoke experimental menu prepared by Chef Vincent Crepel at Porte 12, Paris’s best kept secret! Porte 12 created a bespoke four course menu for us including a drink using Teisseire sirups to complement each course. If that wasn’t enough, we were treated to an exclusive sensory workshop with fragrance expert Odette Toilette on our journey in to Paris!


Odette Toilette, or as she’s better known, “The Heston Blumenthal of Perfumes”, is a fragrance connoisseur. It all started for Odette Toilette (her alter ego name!) when she gave the perfume industry a bit of a kick by hosting themed evenings that got attendees to discover the world of perfume – in exactly the same way they might go to a food festival, a wine tasting or a literary salon, and in doing so she wanted to create a different conversation around scent. She has worked with and collaborated with many of the UK’s best-loved art galleries and cultural institutions which includes The British Museum, and big names such as The House of Peroni and The Body Shop. We were lucky enough to have experienced her expert knowledge and experience a fragrance workshop, which was a real nose opener!



When we arrived in Paris, we are taken for our bespoke lunch experience at Porte 12 Restaurant, Paris’ best kept secret. When people say that the French know about food, they’re not kidding! I can honestly say that the food that was served and prepared by Chef Vincent Crepel was absolutely delicious, the flavours were wonderful and you could taste the freshness in each bite. The food was out of this world, and I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the restaurant, in fact it’s worth going to Paris just to visit Porte 12!




To accompany the bespoke four course meal, was the sublime drinks tasting menu using the delicious Teisseire sirops and created by Alex McKechnie, the flavour expert. The flavours and refreshing tastes of the Teisseire sirops was a real treat for the tastebuds!


Adding some French flair to your everyday life is so simple, thanks to Teisseire sirops!



 Check back for more on Teisseire sirops and the wonderful flavours and recipes!

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