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Tasty Little Numbers is the world’s first and only range of portion-controlled, multi-product ready-meals, snack pots, soups, confectionery, cakes and savoury snacks portioned to whole numbers of calories from 100 – 300. 

Tasty Little Numbers was created by Jo Beach, a creator of lifestyle concepts, businesswoman, multi-brand owner and very grateful winner of 17 international awards for business, design, concept and innovation.

As a lifelong fan of portion control to maintain her weight, Jo created Tasty Little Numbers to ‘Take the Messin’ Outta Guessin’!’ – everyday tasty foods in smaller portions; coming soon are non-food gadgets & cookware to make portion control even simpler!

All of the 200 calorie meat snack pots (all made with British meat!) average 18g of protein per 200 calorie snack pot and all have more protein than carbs! All ready-to-eat in 100 seconds and all produced without additives or preservatives.

With the most amazing vegetarian range launching – from 100 calorie soups to 300 calorie ready-meals – not only are they meat free, they are also gluten free – and they all taste amazing!

All the 100 calorie chocolate biscuit bars and 200 calorie snack pots are gluten free and are suitable for coeliacs – all the gluten free products are tested for gluten and meet the legal criteria required to make gluten free claims.

Usually when hearing that foods are gluten free and low calorie, we automatically assume that it also means bland tasteless food. So it is so refreshing to actually come across a food brand that actually delivers on taste, and stick to its beliefs and ethos!


Guilt-Free Snacking Around the Clock!

If you thought that the Tasty Little Numbers range of delicious portion-controlled goodies couldn’t get any better, then listen up as Tasty Little Towers HQ has some exciting news…

Their already super-delicious 100 Calorie Chocolate Biscuit Bars and 200 Calorie Snack Pots are now all gluten- free – meaning that even more health-conscious foodies can enjoy the very tasty treats! What’s more, a selection of 100 and 200 calorie portion-controlled cakes, muffins and flapjacks has been added to the ever-popular line-up of tasty snacks, meaning that your afternoon cup of tea is taken care of forevermore! The range is priced from £0.60p – £2.99



The 200 Calorie Snack Pots

Thanks to the 200 Calorie Heat to Eat Snack Pots, a delicious range of protein-packed, gluten-free perfectly portioned dishes are ready-to-heat in exactly 100 seconds, whenever you are ready to enjoy one! Whether you’re after the nation’s favourite – Chicken Tikka Masala – or the vegetarian classic – Mushroom Stroganoff – the snack pots promise to satisfy your hunger cravings and are ideal in place of a sandwich at lunchtime. Even better, they are all made with ingredients you would find in your kitchen and they are all produced using state-of-the-art technology meaning they do not need to be refrigerated and do not contain additives or preservatives.








The 100 Calorie Crisps

Sometimes you crave a salty snack, but it can be difficult to know when to stop once the bag has been opened! Tasty Little Numbers’ 100 calorie crisps – Bacon Rashers, Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks – are perfectly portioned and add up to only 100 calories, meaning that you can enjoy your snack guilt-free. Coming soon are onion rings and cheesy curlies…












The 100 Calorie Chocolate Biscuit Bars

At 100 calories a pop the range of Belgian white, milk and dark Chocolate Biscuit Bars are designed hit the spot without sacrificing quality or taste – and you always get to ‘finish off’ the bar!









The 100 Calorie Cakes

200 Calorie Muffins & Flapjacks

These bite-size delectable delicacies aim to give you a bit of what you fancy and include a range of handmade flapjacks, muffins and cakes – Country FruitLemon Drizzle or Carrot Cake – they’re so delicious you will want to try them all. The cakes are completely handmade, moist and tasty and are a pot of tea must-have!

The muffins and flapjacks definitely have the ‘yum’ factor and at 200 calories, they are guilt-free indulgences. Enjoy as an after lunch treat at your desk, as a sweet snack on-the-go or be the most popular person in the office and share amongst your colleagues!

The range makes it a breeze to keep track of what you’re eating, allowing you to indulge in a little bit of what you fancy, whilst knowing that the built-in portion control keeps track of what you’re eating – see, Tasty Little Numbers has thought of everything – It’s indulgent, it’s healthy and it’s convenient!

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