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The summer and sunshine bring so many wonderful things, a warm sunny breeze, fresh flowers, all resulting in the air filled with wonderful scents. There are so many home fragrances that try and capture and create the wonderful summer fragrances, but only a selected few have successfully managed it. Check out So Darling’s favourite Home Fragrances








Air Wick Home Signature Reed Diffuser – Water Iris & Night Orchid


Air Wick Home Signature Lidded Candle – Water Iris & Purple Berries


Home Signature Lidded Candles delight senses by delicately diffusing exquisite fragrance. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with its natural smelling fragrance experience and elegant design. Add a touch of romance to your home with this sultry fragrance encompassing the fresh and floral notes of Water
Iris fused with the fruity elegance of Purple Berries


Branche d’Olive Diffuser – Peony


As beautiful as the flower itself, the flower of a thousand petals so characteristic of borders: peony, rose and jasmine combined with sandalwood and warm amber create a fragrance to remind of summers passed.

Enhance the experience by using in combination with Branche d’Olive’s Peony Room Spray

Home Scentiment

£4.99 for a box of 14 ‘pic-n-mix’ style chips

£7.99 for a ceramic infuser

Express yourself in scent with the Creations home fragrance blending kit from Bolsius – a library of interior fragrance ‘chips’ that you can mix, match and melt to create a home ambience that perfectly complements your mood.

Inspired by the single note fragrances popularised by master perfumiers, each of the 31 wax melts is infused with natural aromatics and oils. From floral lavender and lily to exotic sandalwood and fig, simply create your ‘recipe’, light your infuser and explore the infinite number of aromatic combinations to enjoy at home









Dr. Vranjes Ginger & Lime 250ml Fragrance Diffuser


This home fragrance diffuser by specialist fragrance brand Dr. Vranjes was created especially for the spiced romantics range. The Ginger and Lime fragrance work beautifully to create a fresh scent mixing warm wood notes combined with the sparkling notes of lime, making it tangy whilst being cool and pure. Perfect to stimulate the mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue, this Dr. Vranjes Fragrance Diffuser, stocked by Jules, helps to improve concentration by enriching the air with purifying components


 New from Yankee Candle – Warm Summer Nights collection

Prices from £1.49 (wax melt) – £21.99 (large jar)
Discover four amazing new fragrances that bring together the essence of warm summer nights, bright scents of sweet blossoms and tropical cocktails enjoyed in the sunshine. Available from Love Aroma stores and online at
Flower in the Sun – like a walk in the garden with sunlight spilling over all the golden colours – a remarkably bright scent of sweet blossoms.
Passion Fruit Martini – sot back, relax and savour a tropical mix of passion fruit, mango and zesty orange. It’s like a sip of a true beachside cocktail.
Sunset Breeze – take an evening stroll on a beach, with seats of tropical fruits movie on the breeze, back and forth, just like the surf.
Dreamy Summer Nights – a relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness – it spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom.

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