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As we get into summer we choose fragrances that are lighter, airy and floral




Rocker Femme fantasy

From £25.00

Britney is revealing her most rebellious, rock ‘n’ roll side to fans with the introduction of her latest fragrance. Capturing the playful energy of her rocker-girl persona, the scent is edgy. With tantalizing musks and sensual fruits, Rocker Femme fantasy is a sexy scent that drives boldness and feminine seduction. A mix of luxurious golden amber, cashmere woods and delicious vanilla musk finish the fragrance, adding new depth to this daring scent.







from £14.95

Audition, the sexy, timeless scent from Kelly Brook. Intoxicating with a hint of ripe freshness and a shock of green that’s like a big bunch of freshly cut flowers covered in morning dew. With a middle strength that brings joy and light; combined with voluptuousness and that hint of animal passion, this is Audition by Kelly Brook.





Aqua Citra Perfume


A re-creation of the original perfume from the sixties and seventies. It belongs to the same era as Aqua Manda with flowery fashion, bell bottoms, platform shoes and disco fever. Now you can experience this fresh and zingy nostalgic scent once again. With an explosion of citrus notes it combines a soft spicy accord bringing a contrasted freshness to the green floral heart of the composition, leaving an addictive woody and musky drydown at the end





The She Who Dares brand was set up by entrepreneur, Rachel Lowe MBE, with the aim of celebrating other inspirational women across the country. With two new fragrances perfect for the Summer season, Eminence and Dalliance, are available. The unique gifts have been designed to celebrate  remarkable women, and to be given to the women in your life you are inspired by.
Eminence with top notes of rose, peony, forget me not and lily of the valley, and is perfect for the long summer days.
Dalliance has notes of bergamont and pink peppercorn offers a sexy and dynamic scent, making it perfect for warm
summer evenings.
Available to purchase from

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