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There is a brand new hair styling revolution to hit the shelves at Superdrug! Style Freedom offers a unique four step system to help everyone create their perfect hairstyle.

The hair products are grouped into four steps, simply select your perfect product from each step to give your hair the help it needs to look its very best.  This four step approach makes a salon approach easy, setting out the order products should be used.



Here is what you get in each group and I have highlighted my favourite products

Hair Detox Kit, £7.99

Detangler, £7.99

Heat shield, £7.99

Beach body spray, £7.99

Super Root Volumiser, £7.99

Straight N Sleek, £7.99

Sculpting Paste, £7.99

Shimmer Cream, £7.99

Vitamin Wax, £7.99

Workable Hair Spray, £7.99

Curl Angel, £7.99

Canned Texture, £7.99

Dry Shampoo, £7.99

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