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This year, National Curry Week will take place from the 12th-18th October and for those looking to celebrate this annual event should head to the capital’s home of Curry restaurants – Brick Lane and especially to the lane’s newest frozen yoghurt parlour, Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co., for their exclusive Spiced Chai Frozen Yoghurt with Mango Chutney and Poppadums which will be available for one week only.

The Spiced Chai yoghurt will be sprinkled with coconut shavings and topped with mango chutney and a poppadum – ideal for whether you are looking for a daytime refreshment, or a sweet dessert following a nearby curry dinner.



Sloane Brother’s Curry Week Frozen Yoghurt

Spiced Chai Curry Sundae

Spiced Chai Frozen Yoghurt

Shaved Coconut

A Poppadum crisp

Small: £4.15 / Medium: £4.65 / Large: £5.45

The new Spiced Chai Frozen Yoghurt will be available at Sloane Bros parlour from Friday 9th October, inviting Fro-Yo fans and curry connoisseurs alike to celebrate National Curry Week. So if your Jalfrezi is too spicy and Korma too bland, why not try something a little different this year?



Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. is located at 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

Open 11am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-10pm Friday & Saturday, 10am-8pm Sunday

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