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Solero anti-ageing facial sun cream SPF 30

£4.00 for 50ml

£7.00 for 200ml

The Solero anti-ageing facial sun cream provides the skin with triple defence protection against UV-A, UV-B and Infrared-A rays. The perfect product for those concerned about facial sun damage from the sun’s rays.

This light-weight sun cream can be used daily as a base beneath makeup, or simply kept in the handbag to use as and when needed.

The SPF level of 30 provides the skin with a high level of protection against the sun’s UV-B rays. It comes in lotion form and is water resistant. The facial sun cream has been dermatologically tested and approved


SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad spectrum

£20.99 (75g)

£39.99 (200ml)

An SPF 50+ facial sunscreen ideal for all year round protection to use every day on the face and neck.

This light, soft cream has an oil-free base and is tinted for a sheer matt finish. It helps protect against premature ageing from sun exposure. The oil-free base makes it ideal for combination and oily skin.












Sensitive Advanced Sensitive Advanced Protection Lotion SPF50


The most delicate skin deserves the best protection

Long UVA’s represent the majority of UV rays that reach the earth. Out of the UV rays, they penetrate deepest into the skin and can cause long-term damage which is not immediately visible. To help protect fair, sensitive and sun-intolerant skin, Garnier recommends to use a product that helps protect against long UVA rays











Dove Spa Count Your Blessings Illuminating Day Cream – Blessed Collection For Normal Skin


Keep your skin heavenly with Count Your Blessings Illuminating Day Cream. Though this cream is feather-light, the day cream with milk peptides and SPF not only protects and helps keep skin smooth, it keps your face moisturised all day long giving  it a dewy healthy look and feel. With illuminating particles adding a soft glow, your skin looks like a little piece of heaven on earth










Murad Age Reform

Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++


Murad’s Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 provides maximum hydration and sun protection for dry, ageing skin. This rich moisturising cream works to restore suppleness and ease facial lines while powerful antioxidants boost protection to fight free radical damage











HEVL SPF50 Face Creme 


HEVL (High Energy Visible Light) are basically rays produced by daylight, whether its sunny or just light, these harmful rays can damage exposed skin.

Although HEVL is a less well known ray, it’s an important one as it causes as much damage as UVA and UVB combined together.

New HEVL SPF50 Face Crème offers 3-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and HEVL.

HEVL SPF50 Face Crème contains a new patented ingredient called Liposhield HEV, which is one of a new generation of SPF ingredients to specifically protect skin against harmful HEVL rays











Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

The Protective Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30, doubles skin moisture for eight hours, and helps smooth texture of the skin within seven days. Daily SPF is essential, and beauty buffs will know that it’s still surprisingly rare to find broad spectrum UVA sun protection in day creams. If you’re not using separate sunscreen, this product is crucial for preventing sun-induced skin damage and ageing

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