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This time of the year, we find ourselves reaching for snacks that aren’t usually the best for us! So why not check out one of the more healthier and delicious snacks below, the So Darling! team can give their 100% seal of approval!


Mini Cravings

New Mini Cravings from The Laughing Cow make for the perfect guiltless nibble

The Laughing Cow introduces Mini Cravings; 24 individually wrapped mini cubes of deliciously creamy and flavoursome cheese, that, at 14 calories per cube, are the perfect guilt-free nibble.

The first mini snack of their kind, Mini Cravings are available in two strong flavour varieties – with a herb option, which features Ham & Herb, Three Cheese and Garlic & Herb, and a cheese-tastic choice, with classic Cheddar, Smoked Cheese and Blue Cheese – there is a Mini Cravings to suit every peckish palate.

As they still have all the lovely creaminess that we love about The Laughing Cow, why not spread a little on a bagel or cracker?





Soreen Breakfast Bars

We all love Soreen, the squidgy delicious loaf. Well now that gorgeous loaf that is oh so squidgy, is also available as a breakfast bake. Bursting with energy to fuel your morning, with the delicious combination of apple and cinnamon! Not only are they delicious, but the breakfast bars are a great source of fibre, are topped with wholegrain oats and are low in saturated fat





Liberation Nuts

Farmer-owned Fairtrade nut company, Liberation Foods is championing nuts’ healthy credentials with the launch of three new deliciously good-for-you snacking mixes.

Whether you are looking to boost energy, build strength or radiate from within – Liberation is simply nuts about helping you to look and feel great! Perfect for on-the-go ‘smart snacking’ or to help refuel after exercise, the yummy range, each with its own distinctive and tasty ‘mix’, includes:

· Up & At ‘Em: Nuts, Seeds & Goji Berries – source of Iron which contributes to normal energy metabolism and Vitamin A which contributes to maintenance of normal vision

· Give Me Strength: A Cocktail of Nuts – source of Protein which contributes to maintenance of muscle mass and Magnesium which contributes of normal muscle function

· Get Up & Glow: Nuts, Pear, Dark Chocolate & Ginger – source of Vitamin B1 for normal function of the heart and Manganese which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism

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