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With Christmas and New Year out of the way, we’re all looking forward to and planning our Summer holidays and getaways.

Road trips are always a popular choice and I can say from experience, how much I enjoyed my road trip along the West Coast of the US. For me I got to combine my love of America and visit as many movie related attractions as possible.

So if you’re like me, then you’ll be just as excited to hear that AttractionTix has created a great infographic that illustrates road trip maps for film and TV buffs! The trips include a magical road trip around Croatia for Game of Thrones fans, a UK-based Harry Potter road trip and a Gilmore Girls pilgrimage around Connecticut! All the routes have a clear time frame needed to complete the trip (from 1 day to 10 day trips), plus the total distance you will travel, total journey time and best time of year to complete the trip.


  • Magical Game of Thrones road trip through Croatia
  • Go see the famous sites of The Hobbit film in New Zealand
  • Stay in the UK for Harry Potter themed trip!


A new set of road trips devised by AttractionTix offers routes for seeing the filming location of fan favourites like The Walking Dead, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.

The options include:

Downton Abbey, mostly in England, though you’ll have to travel to Scotland if you want to cover the Christmas special

Friends, in New York (including the iconic fountain!)

Gilmore Girls, from Harvard to Beverley Hills

Game of Thrones – two different roadtrips, one in Croatia and one in Ireland

Harry Potter, from London to the west coast of Wales (if you can face remembering Dobby’s death all over again)

Star Trek, mostly in California, with sites for fans of all the films, old and new

Star Wars, with Tunisia filling in for the part of Tatooine

The Hobbit, from the very bottom to the very top of New Zealand

The Walking Dead, a shorter journey, through Georgia

Each journey comes with more than just the route – providing the full distance, the journey time, a suggestion on how long to take making the trip, and a recommendation on the best time to travel, each map serves as a complete holiday guide. All you have to do is book the time off (and the hotels, unless you want to sleep in the car).

Of course, for the really adventurous, there’s always the option of stringing multiple car trips together.

Managing director, Simon Applebaum commented:  “For many fans, seeing where scenes were filmed, particularly iconic ones, like Mos Eisley in Star Wars, or the fountain from Friends, is like being part of the action. We wanted to give everyone a good way to see the best parts of each story – it covered more of the world than we were expecting!”

So whether you’re a Trekkie or a Warsie, want to be a wizard or a member of the Night’s Watch, there’s a road trip for you!



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