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Following huge successes in over 500 stockists in Switzerland, RHYTHM108 snack bars are launched to UK stockists. They are the only Good-For-You snack bars available on the market that can be enjoyed warmed up with the same satisfaction as many other unhealthier desserts. RHYTHM108 believe in the “Eat Real, Be Real” ethos, inspired by The Yogi. Each bar is crafted with wholesome care and love, whilst their pocket sized design means that they are perfect for grabbing on the go, as a dessert alternative, or for that much needed 4pm pick-me-up.

Certified Organic RHYTHM108 provides the answer for the health-conscious consumer looking for a sweet treat. With an all­ natural, organic ingredient list, their authentic recipes use the highest quality ingredients such as rich cacao paste from Peru, Sicilian almonds and Swiss organic milk. They’re a powerhouse of natural calcium, fibre and energy, hand made, in­-house in Geneva by expert patissiers with over 30 years of experience. RHYTHM108 allows the consumer to easily warm the product in a microwave or oven (like a brownie) for maximum indulgence!




Founded by Siddhi Mehta, a graduate from Oxford university with a masters in Engineering. Siddhi worked in the City for management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., before following her love for food, travel, and entrepreneurship to found RHYTHM108: a company bringing imagination and fun back into healthy eating.

Siddhi Mehta says; “We’re really excited to bring our Good-for-You Dessert Bars to the UK.  As someone who loves food, I believe healthy eating should be less intimidating, especially in context of today’s urban living.  We pride ourselves on doing just that by bringing you real food from The Yogi’s ancient secrets – tasty and nutritious Good-for-You Dessert Bars, so that you don’t need to sacrifice your sweet tooth.”


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