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When it comes to dealing with fine hair and thinning hair, there’s not really a lot you can do about it. There’s only so much back combing you can do (or really want to do) before your hair actually starts to look and feel worse.

I recently took part in a trial to test exciting new products that have been clinically proven to work on men, to help increase hair growth. The trial was for six months and consisted of me using two separate products which to begin with I slept in and then washed out in the morning. I repeated this routine every other day. To begin with, I thought that I would not get used to doing this every other day or if I would find it too much of a chore.

The products consisted of a scalp stimulant and a restoration serum. The only information I was given were that the products were made from all natural ingredients. The products were easy enough to use, but the Restoration Serum did have a strong natural scent, which I would describe as a mixture of quite earthy and herbal scents.




The pictures below show the results over the course of six months

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