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We all know that as soon as you cut into fruit and vegetables, you start to lose the vitamins, and that foods cooked in a certain way can contribute to increase in our weight. So how we can we utilise the goodness of raw foods but make delicious edible foods.

Cut out cooked calories

Scientists from Harvard University have found that when fatty foods are cooked they release more calories into the body than when they are eaten raw. This is because the body can more readily break down cooked foods and therefore gain extra calories from them.

Raw revolution

A raw food diet doesn’t mean you have to stick to chomping on carrot sticks and cucumber! You can now indulge in some delicious desserts without a piece of celery in sight.

The Living Food Kitchen have recently launched a range of raw desserts, which use natural, high quality uncooked ingredients to create some of our favourite puddings, including cheesecakes, Banoffee pie and chocolate mousse. They taste as good as the ‘real’ thing, but without the preservatives, additives or cooking. The desserts come in a perfect portion that satisfy your taste and cravings for all things sweet. It’s surprising for a dessert to taste so genuinely delicious without having being cooked or baked!





Chocolate Mousse
A deliciously sweet chocolate mousse made with freshly blended almond milk, dates, irish moss seaweed, virgin coconut oil and the finest Peruvian cacao powder.


Raw Banoffee Pie
A rich and flavoursome dairy free banoffee pie made with chopped bananas, caramel sauce, cashew nuts, freshly blended almond milk and virgin coconut oil. Covered with a rich raw chocolate sauce and set on top of an almond, coconut and date crust.
Raw Blueberry Cheesecake
A delicious vanilla cashew cheesecake made with cashew nuts, freshly blended almond milk and virgin coconut oil is topped with a blueberry compote and set on top of an almond, coconut and date crust.

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