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The end of summer inspires Britons to get ‘back to life’ with a wave of self-improvements

  • Over half (59%) of the nation want to make positive changes to their lifestyle this September


  • Two thirds (69%) think that small improvements in September are much easier to achieve than making New Year’s resolutions in January


  • 38% believe that the end of summer feels like a fresh start


Pinterest, the world’s catalogue of ideas, reveals results of a nationwide survey focused on the positive changes the Brits set to achieve as they head ‘back to life’ – and back to reality – after the summer.  The study reveals over half of Britons (59%) want to make positive changes to their lifestyle at this time of year, with two-thirds (69%) feeling that September is the optimal time for making small improvements, which are more achievable than New Year’s resolutions.

After the busy summer season, when almost a third (32%) of Britons diverted time away from relationships and healthy eating, September is seen as the time to get back to life with 62% of people believing that this time of year is perfect to reignite a good lifestyle routine.

September has become for many Britons, a ‘secret new year’ with less than half sharing their small improvement goals with family and friends. 38% of the country feel like the end of summer feels like a fresh start, and over half (56%) wanting to achieve their goals before Christmas.

Like January, now is a time for self-evaluation and reflection as a quarter (27%) of the UK are looking to organise their life, 19% want to finish their DIY projects before Christmas, 18% want to focus on doing more cooking from scratch and 16% want to spend more time with their partner.

The change in season is also a time when the nation is looking to alter their personal appearance with one in ten (11%) keen to try a new hairstyle and 14% looking to revamp their wardrobe. Fitness also comes to the forefront after 39% of people admitted putting on weight over the summer period, leading to half (51%) of women wanting to make changes to their diet and fitness this month.

Pinterest commissioned the study to investigate how people in the UK are thinking about starting afresh in September to make their everyday lives better.  With 75 billion ideas saved on more than 1 billion boards globally, Pinterest is the place for people to find creative ideas and inspiration this September.

From new dinner recipes to try to healthy packed lunches for kids and even fresh ideas for what to wear with black tights, Pinterest has billions of ideas to help inspire people to make small changes in their daily lives and learn about new trends.  People on Pinterest are passionate about staying on trend with 47% on the platform saying they like to keep up-to-date on the latest ideas.

Adele Cooper, UK and Ireland Country Manager at Pinterest said:

“September is becoming the new January with people in the UK looking to make small improvements as they come ‘back to life’ after the summer holidays, which also reflects what we’re seeing people search for on Pinterest at this time of year.  With 2 billion idea searches globally each month, Pinterest is a valuable resource for people to discover and save new inspiration from fashion to food to parenting as they aspire to achieve their ‘back to life’ goals.” 

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For more information, visit to discover new ideas for getting ‘back to life’.

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