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As we celebrate International Kissing Day, So Darling have found some of the best products to get your lips sumptuously ready . So pucker up!

Price SPF15 £1.89

SPF50 £4.99


Lypsyl has launched an innovative new range of seven delicately scented SPF balms. Created for today’s beauty conscious consumer who needs their lip product to deliver, each re-formulated Lypsyl stick contains a rich, hydrating blend of natural Shea and Cocoa butters, Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These proven high quality ingredients gently hydrate, soothe and smooth delicate lip skin.

With this new nurturing formula comes seven new tempting fragrance combinations to choose from. The result is a delicately scented coat of armor for your lips to help protect and hydrate them all year round.

Uplifting SPF15 Strawberry and Pomegranate

Revitalising SPF15 Cherry and Almond

Invigorating SPF15 Mint and Fennel

Refreshing SPF15 Cucumber & Aloe

Sensual SPF15 Coconut & Almond

SPF15 The Original

SPF 50 with Vanilla







Sweet Cecily’s Cosmopolitan Lip Balm

Inspired by Cosmopolitan cocktails, this lip balm is created using natural Cranberry flavour and Orange and Lime essential oils. Sweet Cecily’s Cosmopolitan Lip Balm is the perfect summer lip balm.

Sweet Cecily’s Red Velvet Cupcake Lip Balm

 This gorgeous Red Velvet Cupcake inspired lip balm smells good enough to eat! With a sweet and tasty vanilla chocolate aroma synonymous with the luxurious red velvet cake.

Sweet Cecily’s Prosecco Lip Balm

This moisturining lip balm is inspired by Prosecco & Peach cocktails. Treat yourself, or a friend to this fabulous natual lip balm.

£3.50 each








Organic beeswax and oils moisturise and protect!

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balms, made with organic beeswax, provide a protective barrier to the elements with no synthetic ingredients! None! Organic jojoba, avocado and hemp oils help with extra moisturisation. Only the finest essential oils are used for fragrance. Certified organic to USDA National Organic Program standards, because what you put on your lips goes into your body.






Rapid Collagen Infusion For Lips


A lightweight serum that improves smoothness and texture, reduces lip lines and wrinkles and also helps to plump lips, making this the perfect lip priming product to use, before applying lip colour!






Fillerina Lip Volume

1 dosage £40.00

2 dosage £47.50

The Fillerina Lip Volume is a revolutionary needle-free at-home dermo-cosmetic filler. Developed specifically to target the delicate and thin skin of the lips. Fillerina’s molecular blend of hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate into the skin immediately, achieving noticeable results with an easy-to-use roll-on applicator. Available in two strengths, a higher and lower dosage to meet each individual’s needs.







£6.95 each

Dr.PAWPAW is a British brand with a range of pawpaw fruit based products, in the range they have a variation of three natural, unisex, fragrance free, PETA approved balms and a hair care treatement:
Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm (clear)
Dr. PAWPAW Ultimate Tinted Red Balm
Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm
The original balm hydrate and nourish lips with long lasting properties so you have kissable lips all day long,
The tinted balms are great for adding a pop of colour to your lips, giving you all the qualities of a pigmented lipstick whilst working as a lip balm to condition and hydrate lips so long after the colour has worn away your lips are still left nourished and repaired.

New research has found 13 is the magic number when it comes to the number of people Britons will kiss before meeting their other half.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults discovered women were much more sparing when bestowing their kisses, with those in relationships stating they had puckered up only 10 times before finding their Prince Charming. Coupled-up men on the other hand took longer to find their soulmate, clocking up an average of 17 smooches.

The study commissioned by mouthwash brand CB12 to mark National Kissing Day, took a detailed look at the nation’s habits, likes and dislikes when it comes to locking lips.

It appears any number of factors can put Britons off when gearing up for a kiss: almost half (46%) admitted they had avoided kissing someone because they lacked the confidence to make the first move, a quarter (26%) were turned off by the other person’s bad breath and 17% were too preoccupied with their own kissing prowess (or lack thereof).

As well as identifying distractions, the survey uncovered the ingredients for a perfect kiss:  good technique topped the wish list, with a romantic setting, soft lips, plenty of confidence and great breath also highly desirable. The amount of tongue proved to be a controversial topic, as 13% were all for liberal use of tongue and 12% wanted none at all. Men were the biggest fans of using tongue; with one fifth (19%) stating it was an essential element in a kiss.

A spokesperson for CB12 comments “There are many different factors which can get in the way of stealing a kiss – lacking confidence, not feeling the mood, or doubting your technique for example. Fortunately unpleasant breath can be dealt with easily, meaning it’s one less thing to worry about when you lean in for a kiss.”

Britain is clearly a nation that will readily pucker up, but even getting to that stage is proving difficult as more and more singletons rely on online dating. The research laid bare the realities of dating in the 2010s, finding that almost a quarter (21%) said they had ‘fallen in love at first swipe’ after seeing a picture of the ‘one’ on a dating app.

However, the reality was often a crushing disappointment, as a fifth (19%) confessed they were bitterly disappointed when meeting someone in the flesh that they had fallen for online.

According to the survey, the average single Brit has four truly disastrous dates every year – with bad breath, poor sense of humour and checking their phone every five minutes emerging as major deal breakers for the nation’s women.

For the nation’s men however, swearing too much, wearing too much make-up and talking with their mouthful were considered major turn-offs.


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