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When the sun’s shining, it can only mean one thing, Time for Pimms! The quientisentially British drink has been a firm favourite, but why not try one of the limited edition flavours for a refershing summertime drink!




Limited Edition Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint


It’s time to herald a new kind of Pimm’s O’Clock. Introducing a modern twist on the iconic drink of the Summer; Limited Edition Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint.

Pimm’s has bottled the idiosyncratic taste of the Summer with our favourite fruit – the great British strawberry. Forever a quintessential part of the delicious jug serve, this year, the strawberries are in the sunlight, heightening their fruity flavour with fresh notes of mint.



The Pimm’s Cider Cup

From £2.29

The new Pimm’s Cider Cup is a wonderfully British combination of the crisp taste of English cider and the glorious flavours of Pimm’s. It wouldn’t be the same without a hint of strawberries and cucumber, so the makers of Pimm’s have kindly added that in too. So there’s no need for chopping! It’s a union made in heaven!

Simply pour straight from the bottle onto lots of ice, gather your friends and enjoy the fruits of Pimm’s labour in the very latest and tastiest creation wherever, whenever!



Pimm’s Summer Crush


Pimm’s Summer Crush combines the frozen taste of the nation’s favourite summertime tipple with hints of strawberry and cucumber. Offering another brilliant way to enjoy a Pimm’s O’clock moment this summer, Pimm’s Summer Crush – best served in a long glass with friends – is the ultimate summer refresher.

Gordon’s Frozen Cooler


Gordon’s Frozen Cooler combines an ice cold crispness with the complexity of gin and delicate, fruity flavours of Apple & Elderflower. The perfect accompaniment to a long summer evening spent with friends and family, Apple & Elderflower is the first Gordon’s Frozen Cooler to be launched.

All you need to do is pop the pouches in the freezer for eight hours and squeeze the ready to serve frozen drink into a glass.


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