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If you’re not familiar with Lord & Berry already, they are the make up brand born from a boutique Italian fashion house (so you know they’re going to be good!)

My introduction to the brand was with the eyeliners, which I fell in love with instantly. They are the type of pencils that glide over your skin, unlike many that tug and drag over your skin.

So when the opportunity arose to try a selection of shades from the range of Seta Eyeshadows from Lord & Berry, I could hardly refuse!

The Seta eyeshadows are lightweight yet provide exceptional coverage, they allow you to build up to the colour intensity that you wish. The Seta range offer a variety of colours, the colours I received were blues and greens (very mermaid like!)

Running though the eyeshadows are flecks of glitter which catch the light beautifully, making your eyes sparkle!



The Seta eyeshadows retail at £12.00 each, visit lordandberry for the full range

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