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NOSH Super Brekkie set to shake up your morning


We’ve always been told to not have our breakfast on the go, but the UK’s first ‘breakfast in a bottle’ has launched – made from quinoa, yoghurt and real fruit.

Make a break from the same breakfast rut of dry cereal bars and sugary muffins on the go, and try NOSH Super Brekkie to bring some delicious and nutritious taste to your daily routine. NOSH is a brand-new range of real fruit bottled breakfast drinks unlike any other, offering consumers a healthy breakfast on-the-go.

This unique product includes superfood quinoa, yoghurt, real fruit pieces and whole oats. NOSH, in its four flavours, delivers on taste and health credentials.  It’s a low-fat source of protein, with no added sugar or preservatives, which keeps you full until lunchtime.

The brand new product has been developed by a team of drinks experts, including Ballygowan founder Geoff Read, who have found an innovative way to offer a solution to consumers searching for a healthy, filling and tasty breakfast on-the-go.

NOSH founder Geoff Read comments: “We’ve worked incredibly hard to develop a product that stands out from anything else on the shelf at the moment. By including oats and quinoa in our recipe we have something really special – we like to call it a ‘foothie’ – a food you drink or a drink you eat.”

These breakfast drinks are really delicious, the flavours work wonderfully together and the real pieces of fruit and oats are a delectable combination! One bottle keeps you going all morning, banishing those mid morning hunger pangs!

NOSH super brekkie drinks are available in four scrumptious flavours and retail at £2.50 each



























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