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Households up and down the country debate their favourite QUALITY STREET year after year, so this Christmas, they’ve released the definitive list of the UK’s favourites, and even revealing what your favourite sweet says about you.

So first – the all-important question – which QUALITY STREET is the Nation’s favourite? According to new research, we are a nation who loves (wait for it) ……The Purple One!


In fact, 1 in 5 (21%) of the people surveyed named the hazelnut and caramel-filled classic as their number one QUALITY STREET sweet. Just behind in second and third place are the gloriously delicious Strawberry Delight (12%) and the joyously geometric Green Triangle (11%).


So how much can we tell from your favourite sweet?

Holiday Season Style:

When it comes to Christmas Day clobber, Green Triangle fanatics are most likely to be found in their PJ’s all day (11%), whilst those that love an Orange Chocolate Crunch see Christmas as an opportunity to get suited and booted (19%).  Milk Choc Block fans are the most likely to don a classic Christmas jumper (18%) whilst fans of the Caramel Swirl and Honeycomb Crunch accept they are messy, and are most likely to favour whatever they don’t mind splashing gravy down (both 10%)!


Seasonal Stardom:

Back to school time! In the QUALITY STREET play, the Shepherds would be played by those who favour Fudge (27%) – they’re always willing to lend a helping hand – whilst a Caramel Swirl fan would play the star (18%), shining bright but in the background. Those that prefer The Purple One are less confident actors, being the most likely to opt for a farmyard animal role (10%).

Present-buying preferences:

Strawberry Delight fans are the most likely to buy gifts throughout the year (26%), whilst Caramel Swirl lovers are the most likely to be efficient, doing all their shopping in one day (15%).


Festive Film Favourites:

It’s no surprise that QUALITY STREET® fans love a comedy on Christmas day (23%); most of these prefer the Strawberry Delight (29%). Toffee Finger fanatics are most inclined towards family films (23%) and Coconut Eclair lovers adore a musical singalong at Christmas (17%). Action movies are most likely to be watched by Orange Chocolate Crunch enthusiasts (11%) whilst a period drama is enjoyed the most by fans of The Purple One (16%).

Christmas Kick-Off:

While 1 in 5 of those surveyed (21%) named the tree going up as the first sign of Christmas, Honeycomb Crunch fans are the most likely to feel festive upon opening the first door of their advent calendar (11%). Orange Crème and Coconut Eclair lovers feel the holiday season is well and truly underway when they notice the first Christmas ad on TV (17%) or hear the first Christmas song on the radio (16%).


A Nestlé spokesperson said, “No matter what your favourite QUALITY STREET sweet is, sharing a tub of QUALITY STREET with friends & family is a longstanding Christmas tradition for many. As we’ve heard so much debate over the nation’s favourites, we were eager to find out your definitive QUALITY STREET champions, and discover the personalities behind the fans for each of our sparkling sweets. This Christmas, use our sweet lover typologies to see if you and your loved ones have the classic traits we’ve uncovered as you enjoy some quality together”.


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