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The 25th of August marks National Burger Day. For all top BBQ’ers and meat- lovers, it’s time to get grilling.

Whether you are going for the classic beef or perhaps a slow cooked pulled-pork, making a burger can be easy, but for those in search of meat perfection, a great burger requires some culinary skill and a good balance of flavour and texture.

Here are a few products from Tefal to ensure you cook up a delicious feast.



Tefal OptiGrill


Getting that balance of flavour and texture to make that tasty burger requires a fair bit of practice, especially finding the perfect cooking time for different meats and according time to portion size. To cut out the practice, Tefal’s OptiGrill will do all the hard work for you. Its patent technology detects the thickness and temperature of the meat on the grill, adapting the temperature and grilling cycle accordingly. When cooking for large numbers every burger is as good as another. A clear colour-changing LED display and audible beep will indicate how your meat is cooking, with yellow for rare, orange for medium and red for well done. If you are cooking different meats, whether it’s fish, beef or perhaps chicken burgers, the OptiGrill will accustom to the accurate cooking time depending on the meat type

Machine SMART versement huile UK

Tefal ActiFry Smart


No burger is complete without a good side dish and the Tefal ActiFry Smart can cook enough of chips for a group of six people using just one spoonful of oil. Controlled via Bluetooth, simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the My ActiFry app that detail the ingredient quantities and methodology, then you can start cooking from your iPhone, android, or tablet from anywhere in the house. The Smart Technology automatically adjusts the temperature, time and stirring motions according to what you’re cooking and the app keeps you up to date on the cooking process

InfinyForce image

Tefal Infiny Force


Whizz up fresh sauces to accompany your burger with Tefal’s Infiny Force. Unlike any other hand blender on the market, its sauce foot allows you to mix and emulsify simultaneously and has 20 different speed settings, so you can create a huge variety of textures. It comes with three different attachments to meet a variety of needs: a multi-white whisk, a stainless steel wand and two beakers to blend your sauces and soups. In case you find yourself in need of inspiration, the Infiny Force also comes with a sauce recipe book

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