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Nichola Whitehead’s Mission Breakfast Guide

Modern life means we all have demands on our time.  It might be getting the kids up, dressed and to school on time, an early morning visit to the gym before work, or a long commute – meaning there’s little time to make and eat breakfast before heading out of the house. That shouldn’t mean that breakfast gets forgotten so we have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it! For Breakfast Week (24 – 30th January 2016), we’ve teamed up with UK dietitian Nichola Whitehead to bring you a new Mission Breakfast Guide to help you eat a healthy breakfast every day.

Nichola says: “It’s widely known that breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day – it gives you the energy for the day ahead.  But according to research, a staggering 45% of people admit that they skip breakfast at least once a week, which can result in low energy, feeling grumpy and struggling to concentrate. Our mission is to get everyone to rethink their morning routine and my ‘Mission Breakfast Guide’ will help you do just that and choose the right healthy breakfast for you – no matter what your morning routine.”

The guide highlights the benefits of a number of staple breakfast ingredients, as well as healthy suggestions for different morning scenarios including:

  • Samantha: a young professional faced with the grind of the morning commute
  • Kelly: the busy mum trying to keep the whole family happy
  • Tess: the gym bunny looking to rebuild energy levels post workout
  • Caitlin: looking for a weekend brunch to impress her friends
  • Linda: the recent health convert keen to get back in shape

The full guide, complete with more suggestions and recipes, is available at


Samantha lives in the city and is a single young professional with a demanding office job. She says:

“I’ve got to tackle the rush hour commute each morning but I need to hit the ground running when I get to work. My mission is to find a tasty breakfast that I can prepare in advance and enjoy on the go or at my desk.”

Nichola says: “Samantha needs a combination of slow release energy (low glycaemic index carbohydrates) and protein, to keep her feeling full all morning.” 


Overnight Oats or Bircher Muesli

Both can be eaten on the commute in a sealed jar on public transport or at your desk. You can prepare these the evening before with oats, yogurt, and milk and then add toppings of fruit/nuts/cinnamon either the night before or in morning. Why not make in bulk at the weekend, then its super speedy to scoop out and enjoy each morning

Contains: Oats, Milk, Yogurt, Fruit, Seeds / Nuts, Cinnamon



Kelly is a married mother of two with a part-time job. She says:  

“My children are both at primary school so you can imagine the rush in my house in the morning! My mission is to find a breakfast that is quick and simple to prepare but that all the family can enjoy.”

Nichola says: “Kelly and her family require a balanced breakfast: slow release carbohydrates such as oats, protein such as yogurt and healthy fats such as peanut butter or seeds.”


Wholegrain Toast with a Choice of Toppings

Another simple and enjoyable way to get children eating healthy food. Toppings could include peanut butter & banana, jam & berries, or scrambled eggs

Contains: Wholegrain Bread, Fruit, Peanut Butter, Eggs


Tess has recently joined the gym and is making time each morning to workout. She says:

“I’m on a health drive so I’m hitting the gym early each morning. My mission is to find a breakfast that I can enjoy post workout to refill my energy levels and set me up for the day ahead.”

Nichola says: “Working out each morning means Tess needs to eat a sufficient amount of protein in order for her muscles to repair, as well as carbohydrates to replenish energy stores.”  


Post Workout Protein Smoothie

Smoothies can be made quickly (and in advance) and taste great – include whey protein as this is fast acting to help muscles to repair, along with spinach and fresh or frozen banana (a frozen banana will make the smoothie thicker)

Contains: Oats, Whey Protein, Milk, Fruit, Vegetables



Caitlin lives with Steve and they’ve got friends coming to stay for the weekend. She says:

“My mission is to find a great tasting Sunday brunch that will impress them, but that is healthy and doesn’t take too long to prepare.”

Nichola says: “It’s easy to prepare healthy, tasty brunches by switching up your cooking methods – poach or scramble eggs, grill bacon and veggies and toast bread.”


Wholegrain Toast Topped with Sliced Ripe Avocado

Serve with a poached egg, lightly fried cherry tomatoes and mushrooms for a colourful dish that is sure to impress any visitors

Contains: Wholegrain Bread, Fruit, Vegetables, Eggs



Linda wants to get back in shape so she doesn’t have to throw away her ill-fitting clothes. She says:

“I’ve put on a few pounds recently but I’ve been told I shouldn’t skip breakfast. My mission is to find a breakfast that will help me manage my weight and stop me reaching for that bar of chocolate mid-morning.”

Nichola says: “Linda isn’t alone in wanting to manage her weight. She needs to make sure that her daily breakfast fits into her daily calorie requirements for weight loss (which is usually around 1,800 calories for the average woman).”


Wholegrain Cereal with Milk & Fruit or Seeds

Low in calories but so easy to do. Try topping with berries, flaked almonds or even a drizzle of honey

Contains: Wholegrain Cereal, Fruit, Milk, Seeds




Breakfast Ingredients Benefits:

Beans – source of soluble fibre and protein

Cinnamon – can help to stabilise blood sugar levels. Adds taste without adding calories

Eggs – source of protein to keep us feeling fuller for longer

Fruit – source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for general health

Milk / Yogurt – source of protein and calcium (great for muscle repair and bone/teeth health). Good for satiety

Oats – soluble fibre which is great for cholesterol profile. Don’t cause bloating. Release their energy slowly (low GI)

Oily fish – contains omega 3 for heart health

Peanut Butter – source of healthy fats for heart health and skin

Seeds/nuts – source of healthy fats for heart health and skin

Wholegrain bread – release energy slowly (low GI); fibre rich foods can decrease risk of bowel cancer

Wholegrain cereals – release energy slowly (low GI); fibre rich foods can decrease risk of bowel cancer




For post workout:

Whey Protein / Eggs – consuming at least 20g of protein is an ideal amount post workout to help to repair muscle damage and prevent muscle breakdown. Those who work out or who are wanting to lose fat and not muscle require more protein in their diets in comparison to someone who is sedentary

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