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12 Premium ‘Naomi’ Scented Roses £35.00

‘The Lovebird’ with Amelia Rope Chocolate  £39.99

Upgrade to 3 Month Gift Subscription £69.99

Hearing the words ‘roses delivered in the post’, doesn’t exactly conjure up the images of fresh, beautifully bloomed roses, infact, the exact opposite comes to mind! So it was a pleasant surprise to receive a bouquet of red roses from Beards and Daisies and find 12 stemmed roses. not crushed and crumpled, but in the stages of blooming. In a matter of a couple of days, my vase bursting with fully bloomed, stunningly gorgeous red roses! So if you’re thinking of sending flowers this year, then the roses from Beards and Daisies, couldn’t be more perfect!

‘The Lovebird’ a letterbox bouquet of 12 red luxury Naomi roses, which are not only long lasting (up to 2 weeks) but are the only red rose with a scent!





£2.49 each

Drinking less alcohol is rising in popularity: 20 million adults in the UK now consider low or no alcohol products and the number of adults who don’t drink alcohol has increased 35% from 2013 to 2017. In response to this, WiseHead
Productions has launched Britain’s first portfolio of zero proof drinks, defining a new category of non-alcoholic, sophisticated drinks for adults to enjoy during the moments they choose not to drink alcohol.
Two distinctive ‘Aperizero’ serves within the portfolio that are perfect for zero proof sipping this Valentine’s Day are Monte Rosso offers the bitter & sweet enjoyment of an Italian spritz and The London Essence Company Rhubarb and Cardamom soda is naturally light, aromatic and refreshing.






Beauty Kitchen Raw Inventions Ultimate Kit


Do you struggle to find the right beauty products? Well how about having a go at making your own? With this Ultimate Invent Your Own Beauty Products Kit from Beauty Kitchen, it contains everything you need to make your own 100% natural creams, lotions, masks, washes, balms and ointments. With step by step recipes and an assortment of bottles, jars and labels, you can start your own little, all made by you!




Beauty Kitchen Love Me Little Princess Kisses Bath Bombs


You can’t go wrong with a bit of pampering and when it’s Valentine’s Day it’ll feel more luxurious with these patchouli and cinnamon skin loving heart baby bombs that are packed full of essential oils for natural pampering baths. The multi-sensory fizzers can also be placed in the bottom of your shower or in a glass of water to send your senses into overdrive.





How impressive does this Neapolitan Style Drip Cake look? Why not trying to bake something sweet for the sweetheart in your life this Valentine’s Day, Dr Oetker have all the ingredients you need when it comes to baking and decorating something sweet.





Encona Carolina Reaper Sauce


Valentine’s is the day when thing’s hot up, so why not add some spice to it with the Encona’s Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce. The astonishingly hot and fruity sauce contains the Carolina Reaper chilli blended with tomatoes, garlic, cumin and orange to give a well-rounded flavour, so you won’t have to deal with your tongue exploding!

Perfect as a marinade to create your own hot wing challenge or for supercharging soups and one-pot dishes by adding a few drops whilst cooking.





Crémant De Loire Rosé

£ 7.99

Well-rounded and deliciously scented, this Crémant De Loire Rosé fruity fizz is a great alternative to champagne and can be enjoyed after sharing an indulgent Valentine’s Day dessert.


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