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Instead of making a resolution that you can’t or won’t be able to keep, how about making a change that you can stick with all year round?

Snact have recently launched a delicious range of banana bars made from edible bananas that would otherwise be thrown away. It’s a great way to help you hit your five-a-day, do your bit for the planet and get the New Year off to a healthy start!

Launched as part of Snact’s #deliciousprotest against wasted food and bland snacks, ‘more taste less waste’, is the foundation upon which an exciting new range of Banana Bars have been created…

On the ‘waste’ side of the equation, the bars have been created specifically to help reduce the amount (1.4 million) of edible bananas being thrown away in Britain every day, by using fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste for being too ‘ugly’ or not having quite the right level of ripeness. The packaging doesn’t let the side down either, with the bars coming in cutting edge wrappers, which are fully compostable and compost at a similar rate to orange peel.
The bars also hit the spot nutritionally and are vegan friendly, gluten free, provide a host of important vitamins and nutrients, have less than 130 calories each and there’s not a flavouring, colourant or artificial sweetener in sight.

Ultimately the result is a tasty snack that provides you with slow-release energy and balanced nutrition to help fuel your day, whether you’ve a late night finish in the office ahead or are about to climb a mountain – they just happen to save the nation’s unwanted bananas in the process.

Offering three mouth-watering flavours (Apple & Cinnamon, Carrot & Spice and Beetroot & Cacao) the snacks use the nation’s favourite fruit, bananas, to create bars with a deliciously soft and moist texture, which certainly deliver on the taste front.

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