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If you’re looking for something different for your dad this year for Father’s Day, then how about some smellies? Dad’s everywhere will love a manly soap and manly fragrances for the home,




Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap


Three times the size of your average bar and made to the same spec as the soap used by American GIs in Korea.

If you’re straight out of a hot DMZ wearing two days of grime and last week’s socks, nothing gets you smelling grunt-fresh like a Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. Subtle? Negatory. Tough as old boots? Hoo-ah. With a choice of fragrances ranging from ‘Naval Supremacy’ to plain ‘Victory’ this hulking great US Army soap is built to last. There’s even a steel-cut texture for extra grip. If you enjoy activities like drinking beer or using power tools, then frankly this is the only soap for you. Ten-hut!


You Dirty Dog Soap


With the perfect balance of cedarwood, Peru balsam, active charcoal and essential oils to give any man the scent of adventure. Hoo-ah!

Men! Stop smelling like pretty flowers and start smelling like their buffer, tougher cousins. That’s right, we’re talking trees, moss, brambles, rough-husked nuts, pointy seeds and herbs with really woody stems. You Dirty Dog Soap has got the lot.

Tested on really big men and not on animals! Dirty Dog’s designed to be the perfect men’s gift soap bar,  Grab one while you can and put some power in your shower


Grahams Natural Soap


 Containing manuka oil and honey as well as natural oils to cleanse, replenish, nourish and protect the skin without drying it out. Grahams skincare is a natural based product and helps with eczema and psoriasis


Lampe Berger Essentielle Carree Gift Set 


Perfect for the dad’s who think themselves as a masterchef! If he loves cooking currys, fish or garlic-infused dishes, a fragrance lamp is an essential item for the home as they don’t just mask bad odours – they banish them! It’s like a cleansing system for the air in your home that leaves behind a magnificent scent, with many layers of long-lasting fragrance. From Love Aroma, The Lampe Berger introductory boxed set including a clear glass round shaped lamp, a AIR PUR SYSTEM catalytic burner, 1 funnel, 1 stopper, an Essential Neutral fragrance 180ml and an Ocean Breeze fragrance 180ml. Great for smokers and pet smells too

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