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China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and uniquely designed packaging, are saturated with her signature dramatic flair.

Though Chris Chang is ostensibly a fashion designer, she is a designer for whom creativity and artistry is always at the forefront. Through her women’s wear line, Poesia (which means poetry), Chang weaves history, culture, nature and colour – so much colour – through her clothing.




Chris Chang – Fashion Designer/Artist

“My inspiration comes from the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries, as well as the transformative world of art.

My clothes are imbued with a supercharged drama both individualistic and childlike in its interpretation. My designs are for women who are eccentric and confident. Colour is the integral fuel of my imagination and the spirit M∙A∙C and I share. This collaboration is a dream come true for the maximalists of the world.”


MAC Poesia

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