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It’s International Kissing Day! So Darling have found the best balms, lipsticks and breath fresheners for you




Baume Lèvres Confort Lip Balm


Intensely moisturise and protect lips from environmental stresses with Guinot’s beautiful Baume Lèvres Confort Lip Balm. This triple-action lip balm contains softening Shea Butter to soothe and deeply nourish the lips, Avocado Extract and Vitamin E to protect them from irritants, and Allantoin to repair. This luxury balm texture glides over the lips using the hygienic applicator and is the perfect lipstick base for extra comfort – there is no doubt that this is a year-long, handbag essential!




The newest member of the Blistex family, Intensive Moisturiser Cherry, treats, softens and protects lips with a burst of juicy cherry flavour. Infused with moisturising Shea Butter and Beeswax and even better has SPF15, so it keeps lips hydrated and protected against UVA/UVB rays for silky-smooth lips


Blistex Happy Lips Mango


Blistex Happy Lips in Mouth Watering Mango keeps lips moisturised with an exotic burst


Blistex Happy Lips Strawberry


Blistex Happy Lips in Simply Sensational Strawberry keeps lips looking smooth with a rush of strawberry flavour


Blistex Lip Brilliance


Blistex Lip Brilliance does it all!  It’s enriched with lots of lovely stuff, like Vitamin E to naturally replenish, Silk Extracts for super softness, Grape Seed Oil to condition your lips and SPF15 to protect your pout











CB12 mouth rinse

A long-lasting mouth rinse providing 12 hour protection thanks to its long-lasting effect. It contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Available in two fresh varieties – mint/menthol and mild mint/menthol with the same strength and effectiveness and comes in three sizes 50ml (£4.39), 250ml (£14.59) and 1L bottle (£44.99)


CB12 boost

A two-layered, sugar-free chewing gum specially designed to ensure first class breath through its powerful and unique, patented formula. It provides a burst of cool, minty flavour for an instant refreshing effect, that really packs a punch! A handy form of mouth hygiene that can be used up to five times a day (this recommended intake should not be exceeded). Available in packs of 10 (£4.99)

Dentist and CB12 expert, Dr Luke Thorley, provides his top tips to help you achieve first class breath on International Kissing Day and beyond:


  1. Drink plenty of water as staying hydrated is essential for first class breath. Water flushes away food particles which may be lingering in your mouth and helps to keeps odour at bay – popping a bottle of water in your handbag will remind you to rehydrate on the go
  2. Choose your chewing gum with care! Chewing stimulates saliva production, which will help to neutralise smelly sulphur compounds, but you could end up undoing all the good work with a sugary gum. Sugar feeds the bacteria which cause foul breath, so make sure you stick with a sugar-free option such as CB12 boost
  3. Spare your blushes by integrating a long-lasting mouthwash, which works to prevent unpleasant breath, into your morning routine. A mouth rinse containing fluoride can also help to protect the mouth against decay

But breath isn’t the only thing you’re going to be thinking about as you lean in. Don’t forget the role your lips play on National Kissing Day – kissable lips are an absolute must! Make-up artist and CB12 ambassador, Gemma Aldous, gives us her top three hacks for luscious lips:


  1. Scrub it! Exfoliate your lips weekly to uncover soft lips. Try mixing up a homemade concoction of sugar and honey – the sugar works to remove the dead skin, while the honey hydrates to give you a perfect pout
  2. Use lip balm, baby oil or even coconut oil to moisturise your lips twice a day, especially before bed. Try to avoid petroleum based products as they can dry out your lips
  3. Seal your lips. Press your lips onto a tissue after applying lipstick to remove any excess and help push more colour onto the lip. Follow this with a small dusting of translucent powder over the top to help keep your lippie in place, no matter how much kissing you might partake in…

For breath confidence whatever your plans, have a quick rinse with CB12 mouthwash morning and night to keep your breath first class for up to 24 hours.












DeLuxe Lipsticks


New from COLLECTION come the DeLuxe Lipsticks in five shades of on trend pink and nudes: Chicago, Baby Doll, Bonnie, Sundance and Liberty. The velvety texture and easy to apply formula glides onto lips and the 70% blend of lip conditioners, antioxidant and hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E keeps lips feeling highly nourished all day. Be sure to pop it on before you pucker up!










Polo Mints

50p each

Polo’s are the trusty mint that we have loved for years. But now they are even better as they are sugar free! We can enjoy the mints with the peace of mind knowing that our teeth aren’t being decayed in the process

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