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Technically we are supposed to be entering Spring, but don’t think the weather has received the memo! Although the evenings are slowly staying lighter for longer, the ever changing weather is wreaking havoc on our skins. The harsh winds dries our skin out and the rain makes our complexions dull.

The best remedy for your skin? A facial, but not your average beauty facial. I was lucky enough to have a LED light therapy facial at Pro Skin, a facial with cosmeceuticals properties. It’s a completely painless, non-invasive, and quite surprisingly affordable treatment.

How does LED light Therapy work?

Our skin has the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response.

LED therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at varying depths. The light works to energies cells in the skin to produce collagen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and oxygen flow while releasing toxins.

This stimulates the anti-ageing process, helps to normalise cellular imbalance and improves skin tone and clarity. It is a natural reaction, similar to that of plant photo-synthesis which triggers the body to convert light energy to cell energy.

I had my treatment at ProSkin Clinic in Bond Street and my therapist was the lovely Bernadette. As well as the treatment itself, a selection of Dermaquest products were used that complement the treatment.

Starting with the Dermaquest Essential cleanser, Cleansing oil and Algae Polishing scrub.  This was followed by the very hydrating and soothing Delicate Soothing Serum. With my face throughly moisturised, I was ready for 20 minutes under the Red LED light.  This light therapy is used to heal, sooth and hydrate the skin.  It is also a fantastic treatment to stimulate the natural production of collagen while also releasing serotonin which is the feel good hormone!

To finish the treatment Bernadette used a beautiful stem cell serum to ensure that all the new collagen that was stimulated is of the best of quality.  To moisturise she used the Skin Brite cream to help to regulate the amount of pigmentation in the skin.  Over the skinbrite cream she finished with the tinted Zinclear to give full physical protection from all UV damage.

LED light therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment so you will not experience any pain or discomfort throughout your treatment. Each session of the treatment takes about 20-30 minutes. There is no down time after this treatment, so you cab carry on with your day as normal, go back to work if you’ve have had the treatment in your lunch hour, and you can even wear your make up as normal, though with your skin looking so dewy and fresh, you won’t want to!



 An hour after the treatment, I had make up applied, but had no foundation or any concealer on my skin

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