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With the temperature dropping, stepping outside your door feels like you are stepping out into the Arctic! Though you are wrapped up from head to toe, the cold chill still manages to seep in. Thankfully there are wearable technology to make you feel like you have your very own heater with you when you are out in the cold.

Our favorites at So Darling! are the Hand Warmer and the Heated Insoles from Primrose!





Warmawear™ Flameless Hand Warmer



The Hand Warmer keeps your hands warm and toasty. This innovative fuel hand warmer is so simple to start, using lighter fluid and a lighter or match, this practical hand warmer can last up to 12 hours and reaches up to 50°c, making it perfect for all of your outdoor excursions

Other features include,
Here’s how to get the Hand Warmer lit up!

Warmawear™ Battery Powered Waterproof Rechargeable Heated Insoles – Bluetooth Controlled


Now these are my absolute favourite! The Heated Insoles are a cutting-edge UK market first and the very latest in wearable technology, these insoles can be controlled directly from the comfort of your smartphone. You’ll be set up in no time with the fun and innovative bluetooth smartphone app that allows you to control the temperature or even schedule your insoles to turn on at the perfect moment. These hi-tech insoles can be charged from a USB port, using any existing USB wall plug, PC or laptop

Other features include,
The Bluetooth Controlled Heated Insoles are so easy to use and control


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