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If healthy, shiny and super conditioned hair is what you are looking for, then look no further! So Darling! have found some of the most wonderful hair products for super dooper healthy hair!


Ultra-Rich Moisture Shampoo

Ultra Rich Moisture Conditioner

£18.90 each

Macadamia Professional has become the first hair care brand to address all global textures and individual hair care needs. The new care and treatment line, consisiting of three collections, works to infuse moisture into any hair type, leaving hair revitalised and full of life.

The combination of the indulgent scents of apple, white necatrine, pecan,  coconut milk, caramel and vanills provide the sweetest of smells that is released with every flick and waft of your hair! The Ultra Rich Moisture is designed for very coarse to coiled hair that is  thick and curly and very dry


Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub Aquacacteen


Salon Science uses plant extracts to enhance the health of your hair. A luxurious pre-shampoo scalp treatment containing powerful exfoliants to help lift and remove old skin cells for a smoother and clearer scalp.

Formulated with the water-binding compounds of AquaCacteen Organic Cactus to hydrate and soothe the scalp. HYDRAFOLIANT nourishes and nurtures whilst clearing the way for healthy, radiant hair. It works great if you suffer from psoriasis. To use simply gently massage all over the scalp and leave on for 5-10 minutes and then wash it out.










Pink Metallic Wet Brush


Detangling hairbrush suitable for all types of hair. The wet brush features specially formulated bristles that have the unique ability to detangle all types of hair. The soft flexible cushion is kind on your hair and your scalp






Carino Miracle Oil Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil


Carino Miracle Oil with Argan Oil


Argan Oil is renowned for its brilliant restoring properties. It luxuriously conditions hair, controls frizz and moisturises dry hair to give soft, shiny tresses.

The Miracle Argan Oil hair range from ALDI can stand tall and proud with any hair range from the high street. The Carino Miracle Oil Shampoo with Argan Oil gently cleanses the hair and adds shine, Using the Miracle Conditioner with Argan Oil, will not only leave your hair looking and feeling noticeably healthier, but it will also help improve the condition of chemically processed hair.

The Carino Miracle Oil with Argan Oil with its lightweight formulation helps locks look healthier after just one application and with continued use the overall condition of the hair will improve, preventing split ends and breakage

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