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A recent study has shown the worst faux pas hosts and guests can make. From walking in muddy shoes, being stuck to a smartphone and dropping cigarette butts outside the back door are the most socially awkward things a house guest can do.

The study of 2,000 adults examined the differences in behavioural standards between guests and hosts in someone’s home, from simply popping round for coffee to staying a whole weekend.

Amazingly, the poll found 68 per cent of adults said no one possesses real social etiquette any more. So take a look at the list below, and see how many faux pas you have made and can thankfully avoid!



1.     Unclean sheets on bed (if staying over)

2.     Having smelly/wet towels

3.     Not offering tea

4.     Not having a place for you to sleep

5.     Running out of loo roll

6.     Putting more attention on the TV than you

7.     Refusing to put the heating on

8.     Making you sleep in the kid’s room

9.     Not introducing you to other people in the house

10.  Making themselves a cup of tea, but not anyone else

11.  Playing bad music

12.  Leaving you with people you don’t know

13.  Sitting on their laptop

14.  Letting their kids wake you up while they have a lie in

15.  Inviting other people to ‘group together’ catch-ups

16.  Having yappy dogs

17.  Not having a working shower

18.  Having lairy kids or a rude spouse

19.  If they’re a couple, talking to each other more than to you

20.  Waking you up early rather than letting you sleep


1.     Walking in muddy shoes

2.     Being glued to their phone

3.     Bringing their dog without asking and letting it roam

4.     Not flushing the loo

5.     Outstaying their welcome

6.     Walking around in underwear when they’ve stayed over

7.     Leaving cigarette butts outside the front/back door

8.     Nosing in other rooms

9.     Taking phone calls in the middle of the night

10.  Criticizing your food/tea making skills

11.  Flirting with your spouse

12.  Staying up long after you’ve gone to bed

13.  Helping themselves to food out the cupboard without asking

14.  If they’re a couple, having extra curricular activities in the bedroom

15.  Complaining about the comfort of the bed

16.  Leaving the bedroom messy

17.  Telling off your kids

18.  Announcing they’re a vegetarian/vegan at the last minute

19.  Asking for a specific brand of coffee/tea

20.   Hogging the bathroom

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