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Sparkle Pots

From £7.00

No matter what you decide as your Halloween costume, adding some glitter to it, only makes it better. These sparkle pots come in an array of colours which enables you to enhance your costume or just your Friday night!



Application is key

Applying glitter correctly will make the removal much easier. Be sure to use an oil based product and avoid using finger tips to spread the glitter, instead opt for a clean makeup brush as this will help to avoid glitter spills on the face and make the glitter application more precise. Wish Upon A Sparkle recommends using an olive oil or aloe vera based product as the base to apply the glitter to chosen areas.

Dab It Out

Hot water will always be the best way to remove glitter from skin. Splash the water onto the face, making sure the glittered area is wet, then gently dab the masking tape on top of the stubborn areas and the glitter will soon start to disappear. Continue this process until all the glitter has been removed, and remember to use a nourishing moisturiser to avoid skin dehydration after all the glitter has been have removed.

Go Nuts for Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil, is there anything it can’t do? Glittery roots are a key trend this year, but removing all the glitter can be awkward. The best way to remove glitter from hair, is to massage the oil into the roots and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing out. This will help eliminate all the glitter, and also works as a hair mask leaving locks feeling luscious and healthy, the perfect remedy for post party hair.


                                                                        No to Wipes Alone                                                                                                                                           

Wipes are great at removing the remaining glitter on skin but as an initial remover they won’t make much difference and can make a glitter situation worse, as wipes will spread the glitter around the face. Wish Upon A Sparkle recommends trying tape first, then moving on to wipes to remove any stubborn remaining glitter.

Spray Away

Stubborn glitter on clothes (or fancy dress costumes) can be tricky, but don’t just throw clothes in the wash! The best way to remove glitter on garments is to use hairspray. Spray the hairspray onto the glittered area and allow to dry, before putting the clothing in the wash. Make sure to put glittered clothes in a single wash, without other garments, so the glitter does not cross contaminate and leave other items with hints of glitter.




Halloween Mug 


Emma Bridgewater doing Halloween in a cute cosy style in this enchanting mug.






The Exorcist


Are you brave enough to add this book to your collection? Bound in cloth, the book by William Peter Blatty and illustrated by Jeremy Caniglia, with 368 pages, a colour title-page spread and chapter openings and 13 integrated colour illustrations.







Crawling Hand Sound Activated Toy


You’ll be crazy to not want to get your “hands” on this super creepy crawling hand toy! The sound activated Crawling Hand is an ideal Halloween toy as a loud noise or music will start the hand scuttling in a circle, backed by creepy shuffling sound effects.





Itty Bitty

From £6.00

Scary has never looked so cute! These itty bitty characters include characters from your favourite movies and collections. These characters from Wizard of Oz and Suicide Squad are super cute for Halloween.






Ardell Lashes

£5.99 each

Ardell have released their Bat Those Lashes range, to complete your Halloween look with a sexy, spooky, glam or spooky!






From decorations to costumes, to sweets and chocolates – there are a lot of factors and costs involved. So it’s a good job that you can get pretty much everything you need from Home Bargains.








Easy at-home range features ‘how-to’ face paint designs. With faces for every season kids parties are covered from summer, to Halloween and Christmas. These packs give parents everything they need to recreate favourite characters







Yankee Candle

£17.99 each

These spooky yet sophisticated candles from Yankee Candle are perfect for Halloween. Forbidden Apple, Witches’ Brew and Haunted Hollow scents will fill your homes this Halloween, and as the candles melt, bewitching Halloween messages are revealed!





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