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This Halloween, why not cuddle up with a horror film or two? Here are a few of our favourites, here at So Darling!




Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is by far one of the best Halloween movies to watch during this spectacular season. A trio of Witches, The Sanderson Sisters, are resurrected by a teenager, his girlfriend and younger sister who then embark upon a spine-chilling adventure, trying to escape from the Witches who are on their own quest to find eternal life but at the same time, they have their own plan; to suck out the soul out of all children on Halloween night. This Cult Classic has all the splendid treats of Halloween: A Black Cat; creepy houses, graveyards, treat or treating, a Halloween party and most of all three evil Witches. Hocus Pocus is a wicked and wonderful film, perfect for Halloween








The series of the slasher movies Halloween is a must see at Halloween. The first movie begins with the young boy, Michael Myers, who stabs his older sister to death and then his family for no reason at all. Fifteen years later, Michael returns home to murder more teenagers and does not stop to kill throughout all of the films, each one having its own theme. What makes this silent killer so sinister, is the fact that he has no real motif to kill, he just does and continues to kill, kill and kill on Halloween. But beware as Michael Myers will always turn up on Halloween!







Monster House

This is one of the most entertaining, creepy Halloween animations of all time. A menacing haunted house is haunted by an outraged and bitter human soul who is still angry about what happened to them when they were alive. It’s now up to three adventurous and brave kids from the neighbourhood to battle with the angry house and bring peace to the house, but attempting to do this sure won’t be easy. This is a fabulous frightful tale for the whole family to watch on Halloween!







Fright Night

Charley Brewster loves traditional Gothic horror films. He stays up late to watch the horror movie TV series Fright Night, which is hosted by his hero, Peter Vincent, a former movie vampire hunter. But one night, Charlie makes the most frightening discovery, that his next door neighbour is actually a vampire. No one believes Charlie and believes that his wild imagination and obsession with Fright Night has taken over him. Charlie then seeks the help of vampire hunter Peter Vincent to kill the vampire from next door. A truly terrifying ordeal for Charlie, as he is on the quest the kill the vampire from next door. This film is truly a Fright Night!!!

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