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It’s National Umbrella Day, though every other day seems like it could be national umbrella day! With all this downpour, what we need is a sturdy, full covering umbrella

Newly launched ‘Where I’d Rather Be’, is an unique new offering in the umbrella space! A range of visually captivating collection of umbrellas with world first 360° under canopy photo designs to help us Brits escape the wet UK weather!

Producing high quality, durable umbrellas, ‘Where I’d Rather Be’ offers a world first 360° under canopy design. The wraparound destination focused photography is digitally printed onto the inner canopy of the product, so when you look up at the umbrella, instead of seeing rainy, grey days, you can escape to more exotic locations and climes!

Whilst other brands offer umbrellas with flat images displayed on the under canopy or simply printed on the exterior of a single layer of fabric, none are currently offering seamless 360° photography around the inside of the canopy due to the complexity of the graphic manipulation required. ‘Where I’d Rather Be’ ensures that the aspect of every image remains true-to-life in order to maximise the illusion of being transported to the stunning locations featured on the products.

‘Where I’d Rather Be’ is the creation of two Aussie girls wanting to escape the ordinary and wanted to create visually breathtaking umbrellas with high quality materials. The umbrellas are handmade, hand sewn and manufactured using the highest quality materials. The umbrellas have four main unique points,





‘Where I’d Rather Be’ umbrellas are currently available in eight desirable designs across both the classic and the more compact folding sizes. Additional designs, including iconic cityscapes, are currently in development.




Off-Piste Classic Umbrella



Jungle Tropics Classic Umbrella













Life’s A Beach Classic Umbrella













Marooned At Sea Classic Umbrella













Desert Dreaming Folding Umbrella












Into The Wild Folding Umbrella













Rolling Hills Folding Umbrella













Tee Time Folding Umbrella


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