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How often have you come across as a website with amazing fashion and great beauty brands, only to find when you’ve gone to add to cart, it’s a US retailer!

As UK customers, we really don’t get a good deal when it comes to purchasing from US retailers, we don’t have the extensive range, the same offers offered to US shoppers and to top it off, there are the shipping costs!

Thanks to a company,, you can now visit and purchase from US retailers as a UK customer but with all the benefits of that of a US customer!

I used the service for myself to see exactly how it works being a UK customer.  Going in, it’s like walking into a shopping mall. You have different retailers, womenswear, beauty, sportswear, luxury, designer and much more.

It’s so fantastic to be able to visit one place that holds all these stores that are literally just clicks away! is the platform that holds all these stores for you without you having to pay shipping from each different site you visit, uh-mazing!

Once you sign in you have two memeberships to choose from, a free version or the one that costs £6 per month which offers much more offers and discounts.

When you have registered, you are given a US shipping address, this is a Delaware address as there is no US sales tax an any products the retailers ship to their warehouse.

I was able to browse retailers and add my selections to my GoSend Locker, this held all my items in one place until I was ready to checkout.

I have to praise the GoSend Support Team, as one of the items I ordered was out of my size and I was informed within an hour, and asked if I would like to change my order or order a different size. It’s that friendly, “can I do anything to help” attitude that is so synonymous with US retailers!

When my order arrived at my GoSend Locker, I received an e-mail, showing each product I ordered so I could see that they were correct as I ordered and were undamaged. These items were all shipped under one order, so there wasn’t a massive shipping cost. You can check the Shipping Calculator, so you know what you will be paying. also highlights its top deals on their GoShop page from retailers which include Macy’s and MAC.

You can even use coupon code SODARLING at signup and automatically get 3 months free VIP membership with GoSend!

Take a look at my amazing purchases, where you will also see the price difference had I ordered a similar product from a UK retailer.






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