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The top 50 things that ‘make our day’


What makes you happy? A good cup of tea? Boiling an egg to perfection? Or how about stumbling upon cash in the street? These are just a few examples that have been revealed in a list of 50 things which ‘make our day’, according to a new study.

The research of 2,000 adults revealed that for many of us the simple pleasures in life can make the difference between having a good day or a bad one.

Other things appearing in the list included receiving a free gift, catching a smile from a good looking stranger, getting a thank you from the boss or even a match on dating app Tinder.

In typical British fashion the weather made the top answer, with 62% who voted the biggest ‘day maker’ as waking up to a sunny morning.

Yesterday Sarah Loosemore, Customer Services Director of Interparcel said: “When we get caught up in stress of daily routine, a small gesture or surprise can make all the difference.”

‘’The list is encouraging, as it proves our days are made by those reminders that life isn’t so bad. Anything from a ‘thank you’ to a compliment on what we’re wearing promotes a sense of wellbeing. Or sometimes just the sense that everything is going to plan is enough to keep us calm and content.’’

The research showed it was the small surprises that can salvage an otherwise bad day, according to the adults.

Other small elements shown to make our day included getting an answer right on University Challenge, getting a ‘Well done’ from the boss and boiling an egg to perfection.

Friendly strangers were shown to improve the days of many, with random acts of kindness, receiving a compliment and good customer service all appearing within the top 10.

An unexpected gift from a partner was a definite mood-booster for around three in ten, with booking a holiday or weekend away also featuring highly.

Unsurprisingly a cash injection was shown to put a smile on most people’s faces – as getting a tax rebate, winning on a scratch card and finding a fiver in an old coat were also in the list.

While food and drink was shown to ease the stress for many, who voted their day-makers as a morning coffee, a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine after a hard day.

Looking good is the key for one in four who said a new hair cut puts a spring in their step, while others cited wearing a new pair of shoes or finding they’ve lost weight.

And the weather made a big difference it seemed – as well as a sunny morning, driving with the windows down, wearing sunglasses and eating ice-cream were all revealed as day-makers.

Romance was proven as another key ingredient to a good day – as flirting with a good-looking stranger, being asked out on a date and even getting a Tinder match all made the top 50 list.

The typical adult is happiest at around 2.30pm, the poll showed, and has an average of three ‘good days’ per week.

When having a bad day, half said it’s their partner who tends to make them feel better with a third who said they rely on their kids to boost their mood.

So it’s unsurprising that 46% said a petty argument with their partner can ruin their entire day – and have the same effect on their mood as torrential rain.

Other ways the adults said a day can be ruined included spilling something down a clean shirt, running out of milk and missing a parcel delivery.

Despite the grumbly British reputation, a whopping seven in ten said they’d describe themselves as a person with a ‘glass-half’ full attitude.

Day Makers


1. Waking up to a sunny morning 62%

2. Fresh bed sheets 56%

3. Getting unexpected post 50%

4. Finding a fiver in an old coat pocket 45%

5. Being paid 42%

6. Random acts of kindness from strangers 38%

7. Friendly customer service 37%

8. Receiving a compliment 35%

9. Booking a holiday or weekend away 31%

10. Unexpected gift/card from partner 29%

11. Chocolate 29%

12. Finding you’ve lost a couple lbs in weight 29%

13. Getting a tax rebate 28%

14. A glass of wine after a long day 28%

15. A morning cup of tea or coffee 27%

16. Winning money on a scratch card 27%

17. Having a new haircut 25%

18. The rain stopping at just the right time 25%

19. Cuddling your pet 24%

20. A new episode of your favourite show 24%

21. Finding something you need in the sale 24%

22. Receiving a ‘Well done’ from your boss 24%

23. Your favourite song coming on the car radio 23%

24. New fluffy towels 23%

25. No traffic on the way to work 22%

26. Being offered free samples on the street 19%

27. Nabbing a free parking spot 19%

28. Flirting with an attractive stranger 19%

29. Driving with the windows down 19%

30. Splashing out on a nice dinner 18%

31. Chatting on the phone with a friend 18%

32. Ice-cream 17%

33. Getting an upgrade on a flight 16%

34. Someone letting you out at a junction 15%

35. Someone making you tea in the morning 15%

36. Getting all your laundry done 14%

37. Wearing sunglasses 13%

38. Walking the dog 13%

39. Wearing a favourite shirt/dress 12%

40. Being tagged in a flattering photo 11%

41. Wearing new shoes 10%

42. Getting lots of likes on a Facebook post 10%

43. Getting an answer on University Challenge 10%

44. Being asked out on a date 10%

45. Using the self-service tills with no problems 9%

46. Having bragging rights because your football team won 9%

47. Getting the best seat in a cinema 7%

48. Cakes in the kitchen at work 7%

49. Boiling an egg to perfection 7%

50. Getting a Tinder match




1. Being tired/exhausted

2. Having a petty argument with spouse/partner

3. Bad weather

4. Traffic

5. Waking up late

6. No one cleaning up after themselves

7. A burst pipe or broken appliance

8. Receiving bills

9. Missing a parcel delivery

10. Finding scratches on your car

11. Road works/drills outside

12. Spilling something down your shirt/top

13. Someone cancelling a plan

14. Delays/crowds when commuting

15. Being pooed on by a bird

16. The phone ringing constantly

17. An angry client

18. Tripping/falling over

19. Being stuck with no toilet roll

20. Having a spot/bad skin day

21. Not having any food in the cupboards

22. The kids playing up

23. Someone not texting back

24. Standing in a puddle

25. A crying baby on public transport

26. Running out of milk/gone-off milk

27. Someone overhearing you talk about them

28. Having a smudge on your face all day without realising

29. Being tagged in an unflattering photo

30. Getting a hole in your tights

31. Bumping into an ex

32. Having to work overtime

33. Queues for the bathroom

34. Facebook bragging

35. Someone declining an event invitation


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