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A recent survey conducted by Styloko, found 57% of women prioritise what suits their shape when shopping. Whether you know what shape your body is or not, has created the ‘Star Shapes’ guide and Visual Search Tool.

‘Star Shapes’ is the essential new guide that makes a fantastic starting point for women who shop to suit their body shape. The guide features six key body shapes and its A-list ‘celebrity ambassador’.

Once you have identified your star shape inspiration, the guide allows you to go on to shop ‘the edit’ – compiled using the brand new ingenious Visual Search Tool, that has been created  by the team of Astrophysicists, that can help consumers find more of what they love by analysing the patterns, shapes, and colours of favourite pieces on a very specific, visual level.





The Pear Icon: Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian may have the most famous behind in 2015, but Jennifer Lopez has long waved the flag for pear-shaped women. With a trim torso and curvaceous hips, she embraces her feminine silhouette with ease – and while she sometimes wears form-fitting designs, more recently, she’s flattered her figure to elegant effect with trapeze-shaped pieces that skim her widest part.

How to tell if you’re a pear:

Pear body shapes have a smaller top half than bottom, boasting fuller hips and a shapely lower half.

What to wear if you’re a pear:

Swing dresses are the best style for their bodies, choosing designs that flare over their hips for their most flattering effect. Much like Lopez, look for pieces that sit high on the waist and gently kick out over your lower half.


The Hourglass Icon: Beyonce

If ever there was a woman who knows how to flaunt her figure, it’s Beyonce. Blessed with hourglass curves and a nipped-in waist, she epitomizes this shapely silhouette and celebrates it with aplomb via every clothing choice she makes.

How to tell if you’re an hourglass:

Hourglass bodies have proportionate curves at the upper and lower halves (so your bust and your hips are relatively equal), underpinned by a slim waist that nips noticeably in.

What to wear if you’re an hourglass:

Bodycon dresses are the best style for their bodies, and one look at Beyonce proves it’s a formula that flatters. Opt for form-fitting designs that emphasise the curve of your body, whether long or short.










The Apple Icon: Lena Dunham

God bless Lena Dunham: few people have as fearless approach to fashion and body confidence as the American actress. A typical apple in shape, Dunham is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style just because you don’t fit the mold – in fact, dress cleverly to enhace your figure, and you’re well on the path to sartorial success.

How to tell if you’re an apple:

Apple body shapes are larger across their mid-section, typically with slimmer legs.

What to wear if you’re an apple:

Swing dresses are the best style for their bodies, choosing designs that fall away from their stomach for the most flattering effect. Opt for pieces that gently flare out from below your bust – and don’t think you’re limited to just black: as Dunham proves, lively print and color can work wonders.










The Column Icon: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a genius when it comes to dressing her slender frame. She has what we call a column body – straight and slim. Her trick to making the most of it? Long, lean shapes that emphasise her figure.

How to tell if you’re a column:

Column body shapes are tall and slender, with little-to-no curves and minimal difference between bust, waist, and hips.

What to wear if you’re a column:

Straight dresses are the best style for their bodies, since their linear shape accentuates a slender frame without swamping. Like Cara, designs that fall below the knee or longer help highlight your figure, while cut-away details like a plunging neckline can add sensuality.










The Rectangle Icon: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz’s toned frame perfectly represents those of you with rectangular shapes – non-curvaceous, but strong and solid. How does Diaz dress her body? Scroll through images and you’ll soon notice she sticks to a formula of straight dresses that flatter her muscular frame.

How to tell if you’re a rectangle:

Similar to a column but a little broader overall, rectangle bodies are straight with little difference between bust, waist, and hips.

What to wear if you’re a rectangle:

Straight dresses are the best style for their bodies. Like Diaz, the reason it works it helps elongate a strong and broad frame. Don’t be afraid of colour, either – the actress proves wearing a lively shade can help you carry your shape with aplomb.











The Icon: Angelina Jolie

Those of you with broad shoulders should take some comfort in the fact Angelina Jolie – often considered one of the most beautiful women in the world – is right in that camp with you. She epitomizes the inverted triangle body – wider at the shoulders than the hips – but she certainly knows how to style her shape, choosing simple dresses that balance her proportions.

How to tell if you’re an inverted triangle:

Inverted triangle body shapes are broader at the shoulders with narrower hips.

What to wear if you’re an inverted triangle:

Straight dresses are the best style for their bodies – and it’s a trick Angelina employs to great effect. Opting for simple shapes helps to make you look more proportionate – then you can play with adding details, like a peplum, for further balance.

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