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We’ve got a couple of infographics from Morph Costumes. The hotly anticipated animation of the year, Trolls, is finally released in cinemas. There’s a cute and informative infographic on the Dreamworks animation Trolls and some cool facts about them too.

And as we are days away from Halloween, there’s an infographic on Halloween statistics!






Check out the Halloween Stats 2016 infographic packed with fascinating facts about this ever-popular festival of horror.

Morph Costumes have gathered their own sales data, studied the market and come up with the definitive guide to Halloween trends.

If you needed any more proof that people love to dress up in fancy dress costumes to terrify their friends and family, here it is. Find out the latest insider scoop on what the hottest costumes are this year and how much we’re all willing to spend on seriously scary merchandise.


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