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Working in the fashion industry I’m under a lot of pressure to look good.  My owners tell me they love me no matter my size but it’s not just about looks – it’s not healthy for a dog to be overweight!

The problem is that all I have to do is bat my eyelids and my humans can’t help feeding me treats.  So we decided that I should make a conscious effort to eat more natural treats… after all, I don’t want to become unhealthy!

So when the postman delivered a parcel of natural treats from Forthglade I was so excited I forgot to bark at him!  They are 100% natural, hand baked treats free of fillers and junk.  So far I have tried the Apple and Blueberry treats and the Peppermint and Parsley fresh breath treats.  Very different from my usual diet but I have to say I’m really enjoying these healthy treats.
The Apple and Blueberry hand baked Training Treats were really nice. I’m four now, so don’t need training but I do have a habit of pulling on the lead when we walk the busy streets of London and I make sounds like I’m being choked to death when really I’m just excited!  My humans decided to keep a couple of these handy to help me walk next to them without pulling, and they are happy to use these treats because they are sure the ingredients are natural.

The Fresh Breath treats with Turkey actually really work. Sadly I do sometimes suffer from the dreaded *ahem* doggy breath but I’ve never been keen of breath freshening treats before.  I really found these quite yummy though… and my owners really appreciate my lovely minty breath when I lick them hello!
Getting a treat
I just can't resist these treats!
My Secret Treat Stash!
My Secret Treat Stash!

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