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Match made in food heaven

i heart Wines reveals the top food trends for 2016 & the best wines to accompany them

Whether it’s a foodie fad, a social media sensation or an old classic, food comes in and out of fashion as much as clothing. i heart Wines resident expert Jo Ahearne has shared her predictions for what’s hot and not in the world of food for 2016 – and the perfect wine to go with it!





Top Trend: Brinner

What is it: There simply aren’t enough Saturdays and Sundays to try all those wonderful breakfast and brunch recipes, so they’re making an appearance at dinner time. English breakfasts, frittatas or frankly anything with bacon and a poached egg on top will be firm midweek favourites this year

Where you’ll see it: all over your Instagram feed

When to eat it: invite your friends round for a ‘brinner party’

The perfect wine match: Jo comments; the obvious wine match for brinner is a sparkling wine or bucks fizz, but don’t feel like you can’t branch out if you prefer a large glass of white. Chardonnay’s round, buttery texture perfectly complements scrambled eggs on sourdough, or you could choose a fruity and uncomplicated Sauvignon Blanc to accompany the light flavours of pancakes, fresh fruit and cream


Just steer clear of reds if you’re serving eggs, as the tannins in the wine tend to have a little fight with the egg yolk – not ideal







Top Trend: Korean Street Food

About: Following a Korean food revolution stateside, this Asian cuisine is going to be BIG in 2016. It’s healthy, packed full of fantastic rich flavours and you can usually find a bowl of steamy goodness from a pop-up or BYO restaurant for under a tenner

Where you’ll see it: on the tables of trendy foodies like Gizzie Erskine and Millie Macintosh

When to eat it: post-work drinks in Shoreditch

The perfect wine match: Jo comments; there are lots of great Korean dishes out there but my personal favourite at the moment is Bao buns. I’d choose a red to go alongside a hoisin duck, ideally a Pinot Noir as it will pair well with the meat.  In fact, Pinot Noir is a very versatile red so would work pretty well with the majority of Korean dishes, so grab a bottle on your way to dinner.  Or if you like spicy food, a searing chilli sauce can cope with a sweeter wine, like a Zinfandel Rosé





Top Trend: Smoked foods

About: No longer is smoke limited to your bacon or salmon. Smoke and fire are starting to show up all over the place—smoky is the new spicy. You might be familiar with smoked salt turning up in your cocktail, or charred vegetables served with your steak. And it seems we can’t turn on the telly without finding a chef pulling out a new Southern style barbecue recipe

Where you’ll see it: probably on this year’s Masterchef

When to eat it: date night (so long as your date is someone who loves gorging on ribs too)

The perfect wine match: Jo comments; this really varies on what smoked food you’re eating. Smoked seafood matches best with a lower alcohol white wine, like a Chenin Blanc or white Zinfandel, because it balances out with the saltiness of the food

If you (like everyone else at the moment) are obsessed with pulled pork, choose a crisp, dry Rosé or Pinot Grigio. They’re usually served with lighter dishes, it suits the summery, barbecue taste of the dish


i heart Wines is an exciting range of great quality, fruit-driven wines in stand-out, innovative and iconic packaging.  Made with the best quality grapes, the wines are ‘true to varietal’ in style and with 13 varieties, you can guarantee there will be a perfect match for every dish or occasion. For more information visit



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