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There are some real tasty new releases in the world of food and drink, so check out the mouth watering releases below,




Ginger Zinger

£1.49 each

Premium freshly pressed juice brand, James White Drinks, has answered the prayers of ginger drink fans everywhere with the launch of its unique Organic Ginger Zinger Shot, which is guaranteed to revitalise the senses with its fiery zing!

This is ginger for the true ginger lover – a 7cl shot for purists, made with 26% crushed ginger juice, 57% apple juice and 17% water and absolutely nothing else.  The Ginger Zinger gives off some serious heat, enough to give you a real jolt and is a great alternative to caffeine loaded coffees and energy drinks.  It’s also 100% natural (no nasty preservatives, artificial colours or flavours) and certified organic by The Soil Association.

The characteristic flavour and aroma of the ginger comes from three volatile oils, namely: gingerols, shogaols and zingerone – hence the Ginger Zinger!

Apart from the taste, another factor that makes James White Drinks’ latest development so interesting is the use of pressed ginger juice, rather than ginger flavourings.  The taste is quite distinct as the heat from real ginger comes more slowly and less intensively than expected












Dairy Milk Medley

£1.49 each

Add a touch of luxury with new Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley, an irresistible new chocolate bar where the quality ingredients are just too delicious to hide so they sit sumptuously on top of soft centred and silky smooth chocolate.

Each bar tastes as delicious as it looks, with a melt-in-the-mouth centre wrapped within the perfected recipe of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, and finished with an abundance of crunchy quality ingredients to awaken your senses with a variety of irresistible flavours and textures.

Available in two mouth-watering varieties, the first with rich dark chocolate chips, crunchy biscuit and soft fudge pieces and the second with dark chocolate chips, sweet caramelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces that burst with flavour. Adding to the luxury, the 93g chocolate bar is moulded in a new and innovative larger shape – so that just a couple of pieces make a perfect treat







Dairy Milk Big Taste


Bring more joy to nights in with new Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste – a delicious range of tablets, made with thick chocolate and full of scrumptious nuts and crunchy biscuits with soft creamy fillings, perfect for all adventurous chocolate lovers to share.

Available in three flavours, new Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste adds chunks of delicious chocolaty taste to your favourite movie night nibbles. Whether your family and friends are Oreo-obsessed, go nuts for Toffee Whole Nut or simply love the irreplaceable taste of theCadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, there’s a Big Taste to share with everyone!

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut: mouth-watering chunks of whole crunchy hazelnuts resting on the smoothest toffee flavour creme and oozing with caramel and smothered in Cadbury Dairy Milk


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Oreo Crunch: crumbly Oreo biscuits hidden in between layers of velvety vanilla flavour creme and smothered in chunks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Triple Choc Sensation: three layers of different chocolates coming together in delightful rows of tasty triangles – thick CadburyDairy Milk, creamy white and smooth dark milk chocolate

Adding to the chocolate eating experience, each different 300g bar is moulded in a new and innovative big shape – so now there are plenty of intense and different chocolate pieces to tuck into and share











Dr Zak’s Peanut Spreads

£6.99 for 450g jar

Dr Zak’s new peanut spreads are jammed full of high quality protein. Founded of Dr Zak’s is Zak Pallikaros, not only a highly acclaimed bodybuilder, but also a nutritional expert with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry and a Doctorate from the Royal Free Medical School.

The spreads make protein supplementation easy by simply spread on bread.

Flavours: Fresh Raspberry, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate and Coconut, Apple and Cinnamon, Cherry Bakewell

The taste of the spreads are very, very sweet and won’t be to everyone’s taste. If you find spreading it straight onto bread a little too much, then perhaps try adding it to a coupe of cake or biscuit recipes.









£1.59 each


£1.29 each

Lemonaid ( and ChariTea ( come together to form a project that pioneers a new take on social drinking; the range of seven soft drinks and ice teas not only taste good, as a social enterprise, they also do good.

Lemonaid produce truly sustainable soft drinks and ChariTea make equally ecological iced tea – the ingredients are organic, vegan and are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa. Lemonaid & ChariTea are committed to Fairtrade: they pay higher prices for their raw ingredients and, vitally, they support a fair and humane agriculture. With help from the Fairtrade Bonuses, local farmers can improve their living conditions and initiate community projects.

Totally free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavourings, Lemonaid’s lightly sparkling organic soft drinks are made from the very best fresh juices and are sweetened with cane sugar, using up to 50% less sugar than regular soft drinks; choose from the thirst-quenching and zestfully refreshing Lemonaid Lime, Lemonaid Passion

ChariTea’s clean-tasting, uplifting organic iced teas are made from freshly brewed loose leaf tea, which is refined with pure fruit juices and lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners, agave syrup or honey. Choose from ChariTea red (Rooibos tea with passion fruit), ChariTea green (Green tea with ginger and honey) and ChariTea black (Black tea with lemon)













Rejuvenation Water

£2.49 each

The first of its kind functional and flavoured water has just landed– meet Rejuvenation Water!

Feeling ‘run down’? The refreshing spring water harnesses the power of amino acids to help you deal with the rigours and stresses of the 21st Century, keeping you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

The vegan friendly Rejuvenation Water, provides a tasty and convenient source of amino acids that are vital to keep you at your peak, both physically and mentally.

You can choose from any of the three delicious and refreshing flavours available: Apple & Mint, Spanish Orange or Ginger & Lime








Skippy Peanut Butter

£2.25 each

SKIPPY Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread

Spread on the yippee with smooth, creamy peanut buttery perfection. SKIPPY Creamy Peanut Butter Spread adds more yum and fun to just about anything. And with 25% less fat, SKIPPY Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread gives you even more to smile for



Craving peanutty taste that packs a crunch? Look no further than SKIPPY SUPER CHUNK Peanut Butter. Every jar is blended with loads of real peanut pieces so you get the fun flavor of SKIPPY Peanut Butter, plus crazy-good crunchiness


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